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  1. I was licensed about 4 years ago. I have 125 jumps and haven't jumped in over a year. I'm still fine tuning my schedule but it looks like I will go July 29-31.
  2. Thanks for the info. I called them today, very professional. Looking forward to a road trip.
  3. I haven't jumped in a year and need to get current. Northern CA has been way to hot to want to spend the day jumping. I want to fly to an area in the US that has great coaching and cooler weather. Any suggestions?
  4. I read about the Excel camp sounds like a great program. I'm from Northern Cal so not an option for me.
  5. I'm new to skydiving 37 jumps and counting. I read an article about Bridge the Gap at Skydive Elsinore. Seems like that might be a usefull trip to So Cal. Any feedback from people who have been would be helpfull? I just want to improve.
  6. Chuck I thought the reason not to wear the camera prior to 200 jumps was because of snag issues. I did not think about the idea of being distracted because of camera use. I must be still so green that i cant imagine being more fixated on the camera then the task at hand. I read the post that was attached and it makes perfect sense note to jump with a camera prior to 200 jumps. I feel bad for all the shit that was given to the guy that suggested differently. I think his point was everybidy is different and maybe the magic number 200 doesnt mean your then safe and one should be responsible for their actions.
  7. I get it. Keep in mind I'm not trying to buck the system just trying to learn. I dont spend a lot of time on the site so I will try and find the post regarding this but my questions has been answered and makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to inform a newbee
  8. Thanks for the reply. I get the point of the freefall not being useful video, what about the landing? I don't understand how the camera is going to make me hit any of the items you listed. Is the issue with not paying attention to the jump? It's not like I would be taking photos on the way down.
  9. I started AFF in November and have since logged 36 jumps, what an amazing sport. I read a post the other day regarding radios on students helmets, which I had on my first 2 or 3 jumps. My question is this. If I am not allowed to use a camera until 200 jumps why can a student on the first jump have a radio attached to the helmet? I saw a Contour camera that seems to be the same size as a radio maybe even a little smaller. I would think that should be authorized for use. The only reason I would like a camera at this beginner stage of the sport is tutoring. I would think reviewing video of all aspects of my jump would be very valuable in the learning process. I am more then happy to wait the appropriate time to use a camera I just questioned the radio on students and felt the need to ask.
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    thanks for all the info
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    I am new to the sport, just received my a lic... Question regarding packing. Are there any good instructional videos or books? The two packs recomended for the A were informative but I dont feel like I would be comfortable attempting packing without supervision at this point. Any info would be helpful