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  1. I will be there! __________________________________________________________
  2. Yo Team. CHICKS ROCK BOOGIE is only 2 weeks out. THAT'S IT, yo. I know. October 2-5th. If you haven't called already to pre-register, do it. Now. (951) 245-9939 Here are the sweet pre-event events that you can only take advantage of through Chicks Rock. Make it happen. It's ridiculous awesome, don't try to figure it out, it is, just call. (951) 245-9939 Women's Head Down/4-way VFS Camp with Amy, Melissa, and Mel! $200 registration for full-on vertical coaching both Thursday and Friday, Oct 2-3. PD's The Project with Jonathan Tagle! FREE canopy coaching, only 10 slots per day, and they're already filling UP. Can only get in on this by registering for the boogie. Thursday or Friday, pick a day. Go. Hybrid Photo Shoot with Andy Malchiodi! Free day of cool-lookin' hybrids with Andy, with the intent of getting sweet pics. Get your name on the list. Call. Other than that, the boogie is everything it's been in years past and MORE. Aircraft-- we got the Otters, Pac 750XL, the Skyvan flying relief, and the Helicopter all day Sunday til peeps are done jumping it. F*ck yeah. Night Swoop Expression Session-- THURSDAY-- local canopy pilots tearing up the pond under the giant flood lights preparing for Saturday's big show... come on out and watch the action, ready to jump for Friday! Crazy amount of event SPONSORS. I'm talking TONS of free stuff up for the event raffle. Only registrants get raffle tickets, so call the office, it's go time. (951) 245-9939.................. Mirage Systems, Performance Designs, Sky Systems USA, UPT/Vector, Cypres, Aerodyne, Liquid Sky Suits, Tony Suits, Hypoxic, Alti-2, Skydivergirls. com, Freedom Alliance Clothing, Dopamine Clothing and Energy Drinks, and MORE....... Saturday Night Swoop Extravaganza! This is the big one, Saturday night before the superb catered dinner of deliciousness..... then........ Party. Theme: SUPERHEROs. This year the party is open to skydivers and friends only-- $10 at the door, or your boogie wristband. Beer and antics galore. Costume contest for glory. We all want glory, so dress nice. Organizers all 4 days out the WAZOO. Anything you want to do, whatever skill level you are-- we got you covered. This is the Elsinore way. Word. See you all there. Melsinore, OUT! __________________________________________________________
  3. Hahahaha.... aaaaaand... hilarity ensues. You're welcome. __________________________________________________________
  4. What up team! Man, I need to check more often... I wonder how many other marriage proposals I've missed over the years. Sh*t dawg! Ahh, so anyway, Cocheese, dear.... first of all, you're welcome.. second of all, thank you for initiating such ridiculousness. Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love and embrace all things ridiculous. Can't say I'm quiiiite ready to take the plunge with you, but I suppose asking is the first step to see where you stand. I'll keep you posted if/when I change my mind. Also, no need to buy me another G4, I have 2 already, and LOVE them both. (shameless product plug, awesome) As for my favorite meals, I must admit a delicious steak, medium rare, sounds pretty delicious. Ok, I'm on a 10-minute call. OUT! Oh wait, and that dude who doesn't know me-- hell yeah, come out to Elsinore whenever and we'll jump. That's just how I roll, yo. __________________________________________________________
  5. Yeah, we know it conflicts with some stuff, but for the peeps that do come..... it's gonna go off. I mean, anyone who's ever been to Elsinore knows that we do two things really well...... skydiving and theme parties. hahhaa, sweet!!! I'm thinking about my costume for the "Anything But Clothes" party and still not sure how I'm going to cover up in a cool, funny, but SECURE way... hahaha................. hmm........ __________________________________________________________
  6. SKYDIVE ELSINORE'S SUMMER BONE-ANZA! AUGUST 1-3! This is a boogie from the sultry brainchild of DZO Don Karlos.... a weekend of sh*t-hot skydiving in the Skydive Elsinore summer heat....... ...... KEY ORGANIZERS.. we're bringing in the best, each hand-picked to groove with and enhance the Elsinore vibe..................... Will Pesek and Mickey Nuttall from 4-way VFS team Hybrid XP.... World Champion 4-way FS goddess, Natasha Montgomery..... Elsinore Jedi firecracker, Meili Modini...... and the rest of the Elsinore crew.... Andy Malchiodi.. Steve Simar.. Lou Ascione.. Melanie Curtis.. and Jonathan Tagle............... ............ JUUUMPIIIINNG... vertical, horizontal, hybrid, tracking, tube jumps, autmonauti, speed stars, speed flocking, pylon races, and I'm thinking at some point we need to do an inflatable doll jump...yeaaaah.................. ............ AIRCRAFT too.... Otters, Helicopter, DC-3, and maybe even the Skyvan if peeps come...... soooo.... come............. ..... SUMMER FUUUNN.. to keep us cool during the day in between jumps, we'll have a DJ spinning tunes by the dunking booth rotating victims, the POOL by the landing area, and no kidding, a huge inflatable castle with water slides. I'm talking this thing is HUGE. It's gonna be hot, so we're all gonna get wet.................... ................ MIRAGE SYSTEMS on site all weekend with demo rigs galore for you to jump, PD canopies, and Cypres equipped. And of course the WARDINATOR will be here to answer all your questions, and incite mass scale hilarity all 3 days............. .......... PARRRRTAAAY.. all of this, of course, is the excuse to have a ridiculously huge theme party...... THEME: "Anything But Clothes"............ meaning, figure it out, somehow, someway, cover yourself up, withOUT wearing clothes............... you think we get freaky on a regular basis? Um, yeah, this one's gonna go off. FOAM DANCE FLOOR. PHOTO BOOTH. Be there. Or plan on looking at the pictures Monday morning, wishing you were. ......... now, MUSIC.... we want the people who come to hear what's gonna get them going on the dance floor, SO, email me with your song request, and I'll add it to our master playlist......... ......... SWEET logo going on the t-shirts (on the attached ad, check it out!)........ wife beaters for the ladies, and cool-guy T's for the gentlemen.... black and white and badass............ ladies and gentlemen, see you there. ...... Registration is only $30 for all this... Skydiving and partying like you've never seen.. summer fun, non-stop entertainment, and beer flowing........ AND your badass T or tank will be mailed to you ahead of time when you call to pre-register! All you gotta do is call. (951) 245-9939. Any questions? Hit me up at [email protected]! :)) __________________________________________________________
  7. [reply Keri, just make sure to wear a name tag on your mudflap. Sorry Mel, just had to. hahaha, I deserve it. SH*TBALLS! __________________________________________________________
  8. Hey guys, a friend pointed me toward this thread...... I admit, I'm pretty bad and am hardly ever on here! Keri, we're gonna have an awesome day Sunday, it's on! Don't let anyone fool you though, I'm not nice, nor fun-- and I certainly don't like skydiving all that much. Hopefully you can still make the most of it. __________________________________________________________
  9. Mark, that was awesome........ one of the best jumps I've ever been on, honestly. It couldn't possibly have gone better.... perfect exit with B and Phil and Tom..... Tommy Boy wanted out early, so the guys released him about 10 grand.......... it took about 2000-3000 feet for all of Tom to get flyin'...... then Phil, B, and I closed up the belly star and punched a SWEET sit round...... then we broke it and as our dytters went off B and I got one last Feeg 2-way...... all I have to say is HELL YES. Everyone was in the landing area as we landed, swooped right behind Mr. Steak through the red smoke billowing from the canister on the ground....... it was bada**, just as it should have been....... oh so very Feeg. Tom, I love you, Life's Edge baby..... Feeg for life. xooxx Mel __________________________________________________________
  10. Man, I so suck at getting on! Sorry for the late reply, but juuuust to confirm, yes, we've got Otters, the Skyvan Saturday, Helicopter Sunday, and a DC-3 load each day-- it's ON, YO!! __________________________________________________________
  11. Man, Lisa, you're doing all my work for me, girl! Thanks! I've been totally slacking on checking up on Lisa is the girl with the answers in my absence, so I see-- I dig! And yes on the aircraft, otters, skyvan Saturday, DC-3 both days, and helicopter Sunday. As for costumes, I've got a bunch of bling and a picture in my mind's eye... I'm goin' new school gangsta, Ali G b*tches. hahaaah Sweet. __________________________________________________________
  12. And we'll have organizing for all disciplines and all levels, so it doesn't matter how many jumps you have, or how new you are, we'll help you have fun all weekend! __________________________________________________________
  13. Well, I can't say I'll be doing any naked jumps other than the record (which is head down, so will be closed only to people with the appropriate skills for safety), BUT I am happy to organize some more naked jumps, and shoot video for anyone who wants to get their knees and everything else in the breeze! hahaaa, heeeelarious. Yeah, I think I will be set on nakedness after Friday, but of course I'm down to help out anyone else. hahaaa Speaking of nakedness, I'm thinking of organizing a mass mooning for when this year's fly-by happens.... I mean, what would be more hilarious than a big row of white ass for our pilots as an end of the day thank you?? __________________________________________________________
  14. HEEEELLLLL YESSSSS!!! You will not be disappointed. __________________________________________________________
  15. Hahaaa, um YES!!! Chicks Rock is the best and you'll kick yourself if you don't come. As for how many naked world record holders there will be after Friday, I'm not quite sure honestly... Andy is organizing it and I'm sure it will depend on the talent we actually get to do it.... because we definitely want to be successful, and everyone on the plane has to be naked. I mean, Karl, one of Elsinore's DZO's and our cheif pilot, is even going to be flying the plane naked. Yeah, it's Elsinore, we don't do anything half-assed. It's full ass or nothing. __________________________________________________________