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  1. Dude, That's good GoPro stuff! I finally got one of my own. We need to get you and Niko up on Level 8! BTW, how's your sister?
  2. Cool! Hopefully Andy hasn't pilfered the lot.
  3. My intent, although appearing to be negative was merely to point out the dangers. (Watch 1,000 Ways to Die.) Being a skydiver long before a scubadiver I knew the consequences of flying after diving. Heck DCS freaks me out so much that I won't even drive over the hills to get back home. I truly hope you have no further injuries from that episode. You made a statement. You asked if it was a smart decision, then some posted not so pleasant opinions. What did you expect? In our sport stupidity kills! I teach the FJC on a regular basis and always ask the students if they have made a scuba dive in the last 24 hours. That, and any other physical injuries, past or present. You'd be surprised to learn what they often omit on the DZ waivers.
  4. Camo? Like Multi-Cam? Might have to spice up the 'ol blue/gold Shark rig design and add some camo. At least the dirt won't be so obvious. Please remind Kelly to bring my risers to Chicks Rock.
  5. As both an AFFI and PADI instructor I would definitely say that was foolish, while being lucky. I guess anyone that wants to dive then fly is rolling the dice. My minimum is 18 hours after a 3 dive day, certainly longer if I can. Then again, my dive profiles are more conservative than yours. Best of luck, Shark
  6. Dude, Delivery times are great! I was surprised when I asked Jim B. when he was going to order and he told me it was already in the loft awaiting new canopies! 5 week delivery?? I'm gonna need new risers soon, so I'll probably get a new container to go with the risers and new Katana.
  7. Yeah, I hear ya! Elsinore blows! At least after 2pm in the summer. You may even get lucky to have the Shark teach your FJC 8 August.
  8. Blue skies, Harry. I'm speechless. It's been a tough year for SoCal DZs.
  9. Ben, It's not a risk if it didn't happen. Shark
  10. I'm not so sure it would go down too well if it was "required" and mandatory. It should be offered, though and it is a great idea for staff to be educated in EFR/First Response. In each situation requiring medical need, there has always been someone more "qualified" than I. But there's always a chance that there will not be. That being said, as a scuba instructor I was "required" to take a EFR/First Responder Course to be certified. As an AFFI it's an invaluable skill.
  11. And some people (100 jumps) can get seriously injured (read near fatal) flying a Navigator 220; fully equipped with RSL and Cypres. We put are selves at risk the moment we set foot on the plane, regardless of what rig we jump. If you want to be risk averse, don't jump.
  12. That's probably a better way of putting it. I introduce that concept on Level 2/Cat. B or to returning students whom have not jumped level 1 but taken FJC earlier. Still, most students will rush/freak out when they see six, dearch and possibly pull without assistance. I've done over 300 AFFs YTD and several students have had awareness issues. Then again, maybe I suck as an instructor.
  13. Dude, maybe acceptable for level 1? How many level 1 Cat. A jumps have you been on? While I agree with you that 3-2.5 seconds after 6 is about the right altitude for deployment ~55, FJ students have little or no awareness of time. So, yes I do teach them to lock on at 6 on FJ. During the FJC I also mention that from 6 to 5 1/2 will be about 2 to 3 seconds.