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  1. Yeah, you should get them on the Shark combat rw loads. There's always a chance of somebody bleeding or getting bruised from hard docks, etc. A full-face helmet is recommended, but may not help if it is not properly secured. And even after break-off at 2 grand, you need not track for more than 2 seconds. This will ensure an *accurate* spot. Other landings achieved are considered accuracy types as long as the ramp-dude is within driving distance or cell phone range. As always, one must have fun, during a FUNnel complete your log book during the short ride to the hospital. Sedatives are optional. Traditions must also be respected if it is you *first* time.
  2. Shark

    Tax season...

    Ahhh, tis the season.... As I sit here staring at the tax software and procrastinate, a question begs to be answered... So what do I do with that tax return money???? Better yet, what will you do with it? New rig? Main? Jumpsuit & toys?? Hmmmm Edited by Shark on 2/28/01 09:38 PM.
  3. The Frankenrig never sleeps...
  4. Shark

    low pulls

    In response to: Poster: grasshopper Subject: Re: low pulls don't just fuck the USPA guidelines, fuck USPA.just kidding, I love those guys. I think pulling at 2000 per USPA guidelines is low with most canopies typical opening speed. Ghop-dude, You got waay too much time... Yes, GHop-n-Pop has gone out at 12.5 and 3.0 under canopy. Ya, dude. I understand the Grasshopper's Q. It's like this: it's not TOO LOW if you beat the Cypres. And it's never too high; it's just that you have a short freefall (3 second delay for the crewdogs) and a looong canopy ride.
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    Yeah, Rock-n-Roll! Pretty freakin weird. I was talking to a friend of mine when it all happend. She said that she thinks they're having an earthquake, then dropped the phone and then I could hear stuff rattling, crashing to the floor and voices screaming (including Jennifer's). Whoa, that was really a trip to hear all that shit happening and not being able to do a thing about it. I then turned on MSNBC and watched all the junk. And, yes, I still need to jump. Peace