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  1. I'd love to get current again -- my last air-bath was 6 years ago! Hardly a day goes by though without thoughts of freefall... my rig is still in the closet, and some day I'll be back in the sky -- promise! Congrats Wingy! My next wedding anniversary will be #25 - life's great! Pretty soon my kids will be old enough to skydive.
  2. Gee Wingy, it's been a while. I hope you are still safe out there. I haven't dropped in for q long time either. No jumpy our of da plane for too many years. I can remember the dyas many years ago when you, Freaksis, myself, and just a handful of others were posting hee every day. Wow - has Sangrio's little corner of cyberspace grown! Cheers Frank
  3. Iflyme

    George ROCKS

    Politics aside -- I have great respect and admiration for ANY 83 year old who skydives -- tandem or otherwise!
  4. My heart goes out to their family and friends. Blue skies forever to the victims.
  5. I envy you. I, too, am one of those people who hopes to see a manned launch some day. Last night My wife and I watched as the shuttle/station flew threw our night sky. Despite the fact that it's only a light in the sky, knowing that there are ten people up there working in space -- including my countryman Dafydd Williams -- inspires a feeling of awe.
  6. We live on one of ten planets orbiting an insignificant star -- one of billions of stars in this galaxy, which is one of billions of galaxies in this universe, which may be just one universe in and endless number of universes. I think you are rather vain to believe an omnipotent being created you, and shares your daily concerns. It's time to leave the dark ages, and recognize that belief systems represent serious delusions. The concept of "gods" was born to our early ancestors out of fear and ignorance. They did not understand the nature of their surroundings -- things like birth, death, lightning, extreme weather, and so on. They attributed those phenomena to 'gods". Today, we DO understand many of the mechanisms of nature -- and there are no sky fairies involved. Your god is a literary figure who exists only in the pages of a book, and in your mind.
  7. Believers in a deity, a god, gods, etc. This discussion IS about religion, not global warming...
  8. I'm frightened when any believers are in a position of authority. Too often, they force their own belief system on others. An example that comes to mind is when the school trustees in Kansas tried to include ID in the curriculum a couple of years back. It's the same with those want to force children to acknowledge religion in the classroom by making them recite the lord's prayer. It's a terrible abuse of power, and demonstrates the poor judgment many believers have.
  9. It's a foreign policy thing ...
  10. Television News Producer/Sr. ENG Editor.
  11. Guns? I don't own one, and never will, thanks.
  12. Some of the old timers here may remember my song "Exit Exit", but on a more radio friendly note, how's'bout Colin James' song Skydiving? Looking out across the front yard All the way to the fence I made this a sanctuary Now it’s my line of defence I know you’re out there And I want to let you in Sky diving I’m falling and there’s farther to go From high and mighty Back to a place I know, a place I know I tuned you out Kept everybody away Now there’s no one around here When I’ve got something to say I made it to the top of the hill Now all I want to do is jump Sky diving I’m falling and there’s farther to go From high and mighty Back to a place I know Sky diving I’m falling and there’s farther to go From high and mighty Back to a place I know Sky diving I’m falling and there’s farther to go From high and mighty Back to a place I know, a place I know
  13. Saw it on a list of skydiving licence plates. Liked it. Borrowed it.
  14. I would say that it is the "evolution of religion" that is continuing.