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  1. You have a lot to learn. You can NEVER tell how a student will do in the air. I've had students nail the dive flow on the ground, then totally blow it in the air. Conversely, students may just get by on the ground, but kick ass in the air.
  2. I try to wear "less" or an r-dub suit when flying with little chicks. My vidiot and I are a team. Those that often go without wings on tandem videos wear wings while I try to arch more to keep the fall rate up. I have not found it a problem.... yet.
  3. Bunky, Nice Inf! Hey, what's that red stain on the bottom??!!
  4. Rather than debate with you on-line, feel free to discuss the lack of safety concerns with me in-person. Lighting options and visibility concerns were covered. What you did was interrupt the breifing while altimeter questions arose. Although not many, I've completed 25 night jumps without incident and JM'd several loads of newbies, including night jump briefings. I have night jumped all 3 of the SoCal DZs. I don't have the experience that you claim, so you may know more. You know where to find me.
  5. I don't recall mentioning any DZ either. Check the local gear stores for their yearly sales of flash lights. Maybe you should pay attention at the safety briefings.
  6. So the DZ is unsafe because they don't sell strobe lights? They don't sell flash lights either.
  7. I'm all for more tunnel time PLUS the Rare Dynamics set up. During the skydive students have too much shit to worry about and having someone yelling and pointing just adds to the chaos. I can't tell you how many times I've given the Practice Pulls signal, then taking their hand and "guiding" it to the handle, but they resist. During the several times we've dirt dived (FJC) I mention that we may give a signal, then take their right and guide it to the handle. "Don't fight it!" I tell them. They laugh and say they'd go along with it. I have a lot of video to show otherwise. On one occaision a level 2 student lost altitude awareness at the bottom end, after an altimeter signal, then a pull signal by both instructors. I was on reserve side and clearly put it infront of him, in between his altimeter and face. He moved is arm as if to "see" around my pull signal. On the ground he copped an attitude telling us we were distracting him. I said, "With what!!!? Pull signals??!!" He even fought the assist. Game over. Whether being told, signaled, whatever he still fought the assist. We're talking body position to speed up the students learning. This is greater accomplished in a wind tunnel setting. The in-air comms would benefit here, more than in an actual AFF skydive.
  8. Hydro, Rather than arguing here on-line, why don't you jump with the guy? I've jumped with guys that are SOS and JOS members and had a great time with them. A lot of them are very competent skydivers, and a lot of fun to be around. You are in SoCal and can probably find Sparky at one of the two DZs. Don't be intimidated by his gray hair and beard. He's really a cool guy and good skydiver. Now, the Harley, that's something to be afraid of. As for my experience, most of my jumps are AFF, close to 1,000 along with 600 tandems. I do not get to do many fun jumps, but supplement that with tunnel time during the evenings as it permits. I don't really consider myself experienced, but I have done somethings more than most. I also learn from others, some with less jumps than I have. I respect and admire a lot of people in skydiving, and many of those have not been in the sport that long, nor have they compiled that many jumps. eg. a 20 jump dude teaching me freefly techniques in the tunnel. Be humble and keep learning. Shark out.
  9. I had to take a second glance as I thought the jet was an F-15.
  10. As a supplement, yes. However you cannot substitute real work-up jump. eg. exits, exit count, tumbling exits, maneuver flying, major separation, and the 8 second dance on carving, backsliding "student." I could have used it prior to my course in the areas which you mentioned. Slot flying was one of them, spin stops, and roll overs another. 2:30 is a lot more to get out of a "dive" than :50, though. Ask JP. His AFFIRC partner was a 4way/tunnel rat.
  11. Coach with more responsibility and skills? Wasn't that what a JM was? Maybe we should go back to the old structure. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  12. Yes, but if both suck neither would be jumping with any of my students.
  13. I'm glad Don is doing well and back airborne again, but keep in mind many people jump everyday there without problems. Wind and rotors are problematic at all dropzones.
  14. ....all that and even jumped your first pack job! Do not forget to bring good booze & pizza for your instructors. (We'll eat and drink whether you pass the A license check dive or not.)
  15. It doubles the fun when your downwind landing sets a downwind pattern at the alternate landing area Not too many S&TAs find humor in this. Some may even recommend an alternate DZ.
  16. The Katana opens better as well. Possibly the best opening PD canopy I've jumped.
  17. Exactly. Don't compromise safety for comfort. Do a search for gloves and cold weather jumping. Lots of good suggestions there.
  18. The cooler Brits use the M4.
  19. How many Ex's do you have?!