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  1. They just tried the same with me and wrote a ridiculous email after I asked where she jumps/dropzone reference and for"her" full name, etc. Here is the response: "Thanks for your prompt response ,I was just about to book the pick up schedule with the pick up agent when i had a problem about their payment method. They are only accepting payment through Western union money transfer but i am currently on sea due to my status of work, so i want to add the pick up agent pick up fee to your item cost price credited to your Paypal account and the pick up fee is ($500.00) so i will be crediting the total amount of($1,900.00), the extra ($100.00) is for the Western union transfer fee for you to transfer the pick up agent fee through Money gram. Once i have these done and you have pick up agent fee sent to them, the pick up arrangement will be scheduled,just wanted to let you know before i proceed with the payment, please advice and i please advice and i will be looking forward to read from"
  2. I've never been. Looking forward to it, and looking forward to seeing everyone! Lisa and I are contemplating dressing in pink costumes while raising City of Hope/Jump for the Cause funds just for the hell of it. Join us!
  3. VanillaSkyGirl

    SOS Camp April 18,19 Elsinore

    Awww, this is only for those over 60 years, right? I'm only 37 years old. If you would accept me, I would take this camp!
  4. VanillaSkyGirl

    Jump for the Cause Announcement

    Thank you so much for the support, J_ung!
  5. VanillaSkyGirl

    Jump with Joe! Friday the 12th

    That's awesome, Joe! Will you be there this Friday? I work Thursday evening until late, but I have Friday off this week, so I could drive out there midday!
  6. VanillaSkyGirl

    Eloy Advanced Big Way Camp

    I am, but you already knew that.
  7. VanillaSkyGirl

    Big way stuff

    I'm bumping this up because this helped me prior to my Big Way Camp and 100-way camp. I did a search and read Billvon's prior bigway posts. This post in particular, I printed and read on the night prior to my first day of the camp. It helped me know what to expect, since I knew virtually nothing about bigways. Thank you, Billvon.
  8. VanillaSkyGirl

    Fury8 camp in North Carolina

    That sounds amazing! Thank you for the informative post, Billvon. It sounds like both Fury and the NC tunnel presented you and your crew with a fantastic time. I would love to opportunity to attend a camp in this tunnel. Prior to it being open to the public, I was invited to fly 4-way by a friend in the NC tunnel for an incredibly low price. Sadly, I was in graduate school with presentations and papers due, but there will be other opportunities. Thank you again for all of the great info!
  9. How cool...I didn't know about this, yet. I'll find out more information at work. I'd love to help!
  10. VanillaSkyGirl

    Big Way Camp in Eloy Nov. 16 - 19

    Where is the information, Val? I assume that you will be there.
  11. VanillaSkyGirl

    Tunnel Pink Mafia Invade Eloy! May 11th & 12th.

    I'll try to make it, Paigey. If not, at least, I'll try for Vegas the next day!
  12. VanillaSkyGirl

    Tunnel Fliers Heaven

    It's a great site! I've already told a few people about it. I'm sure that this site will gain popularity soon.
  13. VanillaSkyGirl

    So... what's it like at SkyVenture Perris?

    Lol...Dawn, please relax! It will be fine. It's not difficult to exit out of the wind tunnel, and the Tunnel Instructor will be there to help you with that part, if you need any assistance. It's not a big deal, if you need help. Flying with lead might be an idea, just in case you have problems staying down when you fly in faster air. They can slow down the speed for you, too, if you need to have them lower the air speed. They do it all the time for kids and for newer/first time flyers. Call SVP and ask their staff. I never had a "class" when I first went to SVO. They just showed me how to get in with a quick briefing before my first tunnel session (which was during an Airspeed tunnel camp), and it wasn't too bad. I assume that SVP is similar...a short verbal briefing on how to do it. Since they knew that I had been in a Skyventure tunnel before, they didn't need to go over the entrance/exit with me. Dawn, you need to let the staff know your experience level, etc. You have tons of experience tunnel flying, and you have flown in SVO already, so don't worry so much, girl. Still, if you do have any questions, the staff is very competent and helpful with anything that you might need. If you have questions, you should arrive with plenty of time before your flight. Anyway, the best way to find out what it's like is to just fly.
  14. VanillaSkyGirl

    SkyVenture Arizona on ESPN

    Thanks for the heads-up, Betsy!
  15. VanillaSkyGirl

    It's a very cool site!