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  1. It is not my place to judge that which I cannot understand (mental illness or breakdown), but this is heartbreaking. I'm reposting my initial post when I first heard the news on Facebook: This is incredibly sad, tragic and horrific. I’m in total shock and so saddened. It’s tragic that Billy was unable to get help for himself and his family in time. Mental health needs to be a much bigger priority throughout the world, and we all need to keep our eye out on one another. Someone who has suddenly slipped into a mental delusion or psychosis is unable to help him or herself. We can only hope that with the right medications, support and therapy, tragedies like this can be avoided. May the family Rest In Peace.
  2. This photo goes way back to 2007/2008, but it's one of my favorite memories of Lisa H. We had such a fun night! Blue skies, dear Lisa! Love you.
  3. Hello everyone! ~ It's been ages. Looks like I picked a good time to check, since I see so many familiar faces/names. I hope that everyone is doing incredibly well. Sending big hugs to all!
  4. I'll bet. I hope all went as well as possible, and that you are now recuperating with loved ones. Blue skies! :)
  5. Thanks for thinking of me! I'm doing great, and I hope that you (and everyone else) are also doing very well!
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    I wish. Damn things don't do shit other than mess with my balance (oh and make me not have scary seizures). How the hell are you? Unbanned Wow, you got banned recently? How's life, Turtle?
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    That was an awesome time and place!
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    Yes. Hi Lisa! I freaking miss ya, Skybytch.
  9. They just tried the same with me and wrote a ridiculous email after I asked where she jumps/dropzone reference and for"her" full name, etc. Here is the response: "Thanks for your prompt response ,I was just about to book the pick up schedule with the pick up agent when i had a problem about their payment method. They are only accepting payment through Western union money transfer but i am currently on sea due to my status of work, so i want to add the pick up agent pick up fee to your item cost price credited to your Paypal account and the pick up fee is ($500.00) so i will be crediting the total amount of($1,900.00), the extra ($100.00) is for the Western union transfer fee for you to transfer the pick up agent fee through Money gram. Once i have these done and you have pick up agent fee sent to them, the pick up arrangement will be scheduled,just wanted to let you know before i proceed with the payment, please advice and i please advice and i will be looking forward to read from"
  10. I'm in 2nd place, again. I was in 1st by about 100 likes this morning, but the other person to beat has shared hers over 40 times and is tagging every person she knows to share and/or like her photo. My friends are mostly having an amazing Sunday skydiving, having fun outdoors or with friends. Thank you for being awesome and not sitting at home. *I'm going on a solo 10 mile hike in the 20 mph winds in a bit myself. Wish me luck! Please LIKE this photo when you are done jumping today. It's the final day, and I'm in 2nd place by quite a few. Thanks, everyone!
  11. Thank you, all! Today is the last day to vote for my photo in this "Halloween selfie" contest. One contender has shared her photo 34 times & is gaining! Please click on photo of me and "like" my photo on Dulcelina's contest page. The magazine actually asked me to enter, and this was just a photo I snapped for my BF as I threw together a costume for Skydive Taft's Halloween costume party, during their boogie weekend. I was to be the RW Load Organizer, before I became very sick. We had bad weather, too. The skydiving, dropzone, boogie backstory would be very interesting for the magazine IMO. Thanks so much for the awesome support, everyone, and please spread the love by sharing my photo and/or liking, if possible.
  12. Thank you! The contest ends today. I haven't been around much to ask for the help, but thanks to you and to all who have shown support. I really appreciate it!
  13. Thank you, John, and thanks to the other John (Catfishhunter), Lisa and Andrea, too!
  14. Thank you so much, Andrea! I also hope to win. Yeah, I noticed that many pics weren't selfies at all, and I thought that was pretty weak! Anyway, the magazine loved my photo which they saw on instagram, and they asked me if I would enter, so I hope this works out. It's crazy because when I took that selfie, I was super sick. I was supposed to be LOing for the Halloween boogie at Taft, but I ended up too sick to jump. (Had a friend fill-in for me as LO.) I almost didn't go to the boogie party. I got ready pretty fast and snapped a couple of selfies for my BF (who was DJing at a party in L.A.) before leaving my hotel room. I'm flattered that they deemed it contest worthy! I'm currently in 2nd place, but I'd appreciate it if I could get some more likes, so I have a chance to win. I'd love to let them know more about our skydiving community, if possible. It's an alternative magazine, so I'm sure they'd be interested. Blue skies, everyone, and thanks in advance!
  15. Skydive Taft now owns a beautiful Beech 99 plane and is celebrating with a Halloween Boogie, Oct. 31st - Nov. 2nd!
  16. First, thank you so much for the congratulations! It was a fun event with both new and old friends from around the world, and we didn't have any major injuries, so we are happy about that.
  17. Aww, you're so sweet to humor me, John. I know that you know the answer to this! Thanks for asking! The raffle drawing is on Friday, October 17, 2014 at approx. 7:00pm at Skydive Perris during our Women's World Sequential Record Event. The winner doesn't need to be present and will be notified by email. Thanks so much to all who have donated, and thanks to those who will buy more raffle tickets this weekend. If you'd like to purchase raffle tickets in person, please see me, and I'll give you a raffle number at Chicks Rock. The tickets are $20 per person. Thank you to all!!!
  18. It's the final week, so please send payment now, if you would like to purchase raffle tickets. This helps me on my journey to the women's world record in Oct. '14. Raffle tickets are $20.00 USDper ticket. Please send payment to paypal: [email protected] Raffle prizes: Grand Prize #1: Aerodyne Icon Container, Aerodyne Pilot main canopy, Aerodyne Research, LLC Smart reserve, Vigil 2 AAD, A Weekend of coaching with Dan BC, LiquidSky Sports jumpsuit, Phantom X Helmet, L & B Audible, L & B Visual Altimeter, Exo Helmet Bag, Exo Log Book Cover, Brand X Log Book, Square1 Summer Gloves and Square1 4” Hook Knife w/ Pocket Grand Prize #2: Squirrel Wing Suit, Icarus Canopies Safire2, Crossfire2 main canopy, 50% off Icarus Nano reserve, $1000 P3 Gift Certificate Liquid Sky jumpsuit, Phantom X Helmet, L&B Audible and Visual Altimeter, Exo Helmet Bag, Brand X Log Book, Exo Log Book Cover, Square1 Summer Gloves and Square1 4” Hook Knife w/ Pocket. Eight Square One Runner-Up Prizes: Eight assorted prize packages valued up to $550, including Square One accessory items such as a Kiss Helmet, Phantom X Helmet, Exo Helmet Bag, Square One Helmet Bag, Brand X Log Book, Exo Log Book Cover, Square1 Summer Gloves and Square1 4” Hook Knife. RAFFLE DRAWING: Friday, October 17, 2014 @ 7:00pm Thank you sooooo much for the support!
  19. Thank you so much, John! I am really looking forward to seeing my wonderful friends from around the world. Having been on the last women's world record which was also a breast cancer awareness/prevention fundraiser, I am in this for a different reason this time. I want to make sure that all the newer women are having a good time and feeling welcome. I want them to remember this event as amazing an experience as I remember my own world record event was for me.
  20. Haha, oh yeah! John, I would love for you and Valinda to have the winning tickets! With all of the fundraising that you two have done for LFL. You both deserve it so much! Thanks so much for your support, btw. I blew it by being in Prague training in their wind tunnel, instead of being in town for LFL. I'll have to go next year! Sending hugs and love to you both!
  21. Thank you to all who have purchased raffle tickets. Your help means a great deal, especially since I have no income at the moment. (My program at the Boys Home has not yet begun for the year.) For those who would still like to purchase raffle tickets, the paypal addresses which you may send payment to for the WWR raffle tickets are the following: [email protected] or [email protected] The raffle tickets are $20 each. In the notes, please write 'WWR" and your email, so I know what it is. (Paypal does't like to see the words "raffle", so please avoid that. Thanks!) If you'd like to send a check, please send an email to one of the email addresses above.
  22. No, of course not. That would not be fair to the others. These tickets are only $20, not $100. ***The raffle events which sell a limited number are always $100 each or more. These are $20 each, and anyone can buy. That said, I know the person in charge of the Women's World Record raffle, and she says that the ticket sales overall are much lower than expected, so the chances of winning are much higher than would be expected. Good luck to all!
  23. Oh, I'm so sorry that you had it so rough as a child, Hannah! I figured as much, since you waited for so long for your exterior change to match your true interior self. I'm glad that you finally did what was best for you. Making yourself feel whole is what really matters! I'm happy that you finally saw the video, and I posted it after seeing it and spent a few days (hours per day) watching others' videos about being transgender. I wanted to better understand. Yes, I'm sure that there is still much work ahead as you've stated, but I'm happy for the changes that seem to have been made towards more education and acceptance. I wish everyone going through such a struggle the very best in life, no matter what gender they choose to be. I'm sure that I'm not alone. May you continue to find your true happiness, lovely Hannah.
  24. Hello to him! I've also seen your and Amy's posts on FB. Harry is adorable.