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  1. See site: http://officialbridgeday.com/base/training/ This year 2 courses will be offered. Twin Falls BASE Co. will provide a BRIDGE DAY ONLY 1 day FJC, geared towards those with a B-License and >50 skydives. Those interested must understand that the 1 day training is not enough instruction to start hitting up your local objects. Following the course and event, if they would still like to pursue BASE jumping there are a number of Instructors putting on courses at The Perrine Bridge throughout the year. Ideally, those that plan to attend a full FJC, should have >200 skydives. http://twinfallsbase.com/bridgeday Johnny Utah is putting on a full FJC, covering 3 days. This is a comprehensive course covering all fundamentals of BASE jumping. http://johnnyutah.com/basecourse.html --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  2. DZone Boise in Idaho and DZone Bozeman in Montana, both offer IAD instruction. --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  3. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Sounds like you need to have an Ortho/sports PT or Orthopaedic doc/surgeon take a look at your shoulder. There a number of issues that can be causing the problem. You need to address the specific cause/s of the problem and not just cover them up to "get by" Kinesiotape can help some, but will never be a substitute for good strength and control about a joint. The shoulder is a multiplanar joint with 3 degrees of freedom, requiring good stability and control during upper extremity activities to limit injury/degeneration I got into skydiving while working as a PT aide. A patient who had repeated sublux/dislocations of his shoulder in skydiving/BASE underwent surgery for his shoulder. Following a successful rehab he was back in the air. Hopefully all you need is a decent shoulder/rotator cuff conditioning program. But if you have had multiple dislocations, they might have caused collateral damage to other structures in the joint, you might be looking at surgery. Be sure and get 2nd opinion, some surgeons love to cut on you no matter the issue. --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  4. Looks pretty realistic and more technically specific. A game coming out for xbox 360, Crackdown 2 is supposedly going to have wingsuit flying. (Game is similar to GTA) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXCx1jxFouQ No actual "wingsuit" by the looks of it, guess more just tracking --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  5. drdiesel


    Wow! Talking during freefall, cleavage, and leg holes! That's porn quality acting! --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  6. I'd say that ALL physical therapists know these exercises. It is the fitness/personal trainer's that will probably have no clue about them. --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  7. The person jumping for the Jackass show was Scott "Plamer" Palmer. He was the guy that caught Pastrana when he jumped. --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  8. I am a 2nd year student in a Doctoral of Physical Therapy program. 1. Do your PT!, make sure your Therapist performs a functional strength test(1 RM of quads and hams, single and triple hop, quick hopping) before clearing you to return to sport/activity. You should be 80-95% of you uninjured knee. 2. Do Eccentric strengthening of quads (i.e. pick a weight you could just NOT do single legged, once you have wt/# of plates, do two legs up, then only the injured leg to lower back down.) 3. For peace of mind you could jump with a brace, but with adequate strength and functional ability you should be fine. 4. Any ?'s double check with your PT --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  9. Good suggestion. Check out this band : Royal Bliss. You can find them on iTunes and MySpace. They're just good ol rock n roll. --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  10. Went to a show last night! It was another great performance. They did a great cover of Pearl Jam's "State of Love and Trust". Check out their websites, if they are coming to your town, go see them! You won't be disappointed. --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  11. I'm trying to get them to play at a Boogie this summer. Neal the lead singer wants to make a jump! --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  12. I gotta let you guys & gals know about this band. Their CD is getting released nationally today and you should give a listen and if you like, buy it! Royal Bliss: http://www.royalbliss.com http://www.myspace.com/royalbliss info: "Combining elements of classic rock and alternative rock, Royal Bliss write well-crafted songs with energy and relevant lyrics shaped by some of life's hard lessons. Working with producers Matt Winegar (Primus, The Spent Poets), Bjorn Thorsrud (Smashing Pumpkins), and Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Maroon 5), Royal Bliss has created a rock sound that's familiar yet also new and refreshing." Let me know what you think of them. --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  13. I just bought the CD, I haven't listened to the entire album. The first 3 tracks are great. The single "Vicarious" sounds somewhat like their last album Lateralus. But the unique album case pretty much makes it a must buy, even if your a casual fan. --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  14. Be sure and go buy TOOL's new album 10,000 Days! The album case has two stereoscopic lenses on it. Then you look at the artwork inside with the lenses. You may look funny as you view the artwork but it is seriously the coolest album design I have ever seen! Alex Grey www.alexgrey.com did TOOL's last album artwork as well as this one. I think 10,000 Days is even better!! Check it out! --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com
  15. Here ya go: http://www.square1.com/Manufacturers/Square1/cat700.html scroll down a bit you'll see SURVIVAL SERIES DVD It's got 5 videos, 1.5 packing vids: Pack Like A Pro & Trouble-Free ZP(.5, its short, but informative) I have them and they are a good resource for a beginner. --------------------- Twin Falls BASE Co. 208-423-8080 www.twinfallsbase.com