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  1. And for those of us who are fans of the dark side, today's "The Revenge of the Fifth" Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  2. And Jeb still hasn't landed his ws Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  3. We have an editor at my tandem concession and it's pretty much up to the discretion of the camera flyers as to whether we use her or not. I love editing so i try to edit as much of my own stuff as i can. However when we have a super busy day and are on every second load sometimes it gets a little difficult. If she does edit for us we pay her 50 Rand per edit which works out to around $7 US. Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  4. You have so many quality instructors to seek advice from at Skydive CT, speak to anyone of them and they will give you the best advice. However if you're looking for an answer in the mean time. i always advise students to buy peripheral gear first: a helmet, an alti, some goggles and so on. And encourage them to get 50 or so jumps under their belt before they jump into buying gear. By that stage you should have progressed down through the "student" size canopies and, depending on your weight and skill level, be on the size canopy that you will stay at for the next few hundred jumps. There is always second hand gear floating around and when you're ready to buy it is a good idea to send out a mail to other clubs email listserves like JSC and PSC. And always ask your instructors opinion before buying anything. Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  5. Just downloaded it--thanks for mentioning it! No worries Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  6. Here are a few shots I processed using Tilt SHift Generator on the iPad. Great little App. Nicely done!
  7. There's also a great App for the iPhone and iPad called "tilt shift generator" - you could snap the shots and pull them either onto the phone or the pad and get the same effect. Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  8. Morne, by the looks of your profile we jump at the same DZ, although i don't think we've met. If you ever want to chat cameras (and all the crap that goes along with them), face to face, come and find me at the Skyhigh video hut. I'll be happy to tell you about a few of my fuck-ups along the way and hopefully help you avoid them when you're ready to jump your own. Cheers PJ Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  9. Ben Folds - Bitches Ain't Shit Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  10. It's in my home country, of course i'm watching! The atmosphere here has to be seen to be believed: our hotels and malls are full of foreigners, foreign accents everywhere, not to mention the sound of the vuvuzelas. I hear them from the moment i wake up till i go to bed, they're everywhere It's been amazing so far, especially with SA and Mexico drawing and France and Uruguay drawing their game our group is wide open, go Bafana Bafana! Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  11. All those guys did was run and yell at the muggers, here's how South African Ninjas deal with the problem Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  12. The all knowing Facebook says you're a day early, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway hon!
  13. Happy birthday bud! Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  14. Peej

    The IT Crowd

    singing: 0118 999 881 999 119 725...3 Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  15. Monica Lewinsky Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky