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  1. Peej

    First Velocity Jumps

    Thanks for the post, welcome to the world of the Velo I liked the "so far" part of that sentence. I had two hundred or so uneventful jumps on my Velo then two mals within six jumps of each other, all i can say is that when she goes, she goes! Have fun and be safe
  2. I've been through ups and downs where i've so completely loved jumping that it was all i could think about and there have been times when i thought maybe it's time to pack it in. Especially after tonto's death and my serious arm injury a while back. At the moment i'm in love with it again and having fun jumping. As a lot of people have said, the sky will always be there, taking time off to re-asses things isn't always a bad thing.
  3. Peej

    Took my first plunge this morning.

    Welcome to the forums!
  4. Peej

    Hurican 150 Main Line trim chart

    Spizz, Did you get one yet? I can call the factory and ask if you want?
  5. Peej

    New to the site, from Denmark

    hey Casper, welcome to the forums and congrats on your rig! What container did you buy?
  6. Peej

    TI study guide

    I'm not a TI so i could be talking out of my ass here but surely since there are different tandem systems and ratings: sigma, strong, etc it would be largely manufacturer dependent? In other words the emergency procedures manual would be different across various brands and thus no such thing as a "one size fits all" handbook? Here is the link to the Sigma manual, maybe that helps? And here is the link to the Strong owners manual:
  7. Peej


    Welcome to the forums! Always nice to have "new-old-timers around here"
  8. Peej

    First jump!

    Welcome to the forums and congrats on your first jump, it only gets better from here!
  9. Peej

    New to the site

    ROD, TOD, THIS IS GOD! (sorry but that's just one of my favourite Simpsons scenes) Welcome to the forums Rod!
  10. Peej

    It's another FNG at

    Hey Sheamus, welcome to the forums and congrats on passing your AFF
  11. Peej

    New Jumper - Fayetteville, AR

    Hey Kristen, Welcome to! Unfortunately i live in South Africa so i can't speak to exact prices in the USA but here is Skydive Elsinore's Price List so you get some idea of what an A license will cost you in the long run: I'm pretty sure that other DZ's will be in the same region, your best bet is to call them up and ask, or better yet swing by and chat to some people at the school, you'll find the staff at DZ's very accomodating and more than happy to answer any questions you might have. As far as being comfortable in the sky, it varies for different people, a girlfriend of mine refused on 3 levels of her AFF course and rode the aircraft down in tears all 3 times yet went on to make hundreds of jumps and become a competent BASE jumper. Just remember that what you are doing is not a natural thing for a human being to do and there is no shame in being scared and letting your instructors know that. It is one of the most rewarding sports in the world though. Hope this post helped a bit, good luck with your training
  12. Peej

    Wanna be Jumper

    Welcome to the forums, doing pretty good thanks mate Your first task is to click the Dropzones link at the top of this page, search for your area and then pick out the DZ's near you. Go hang out, introduce yourself as a potential student, see what the vibe is like and which one you think you'll like best. Then choose a training method: AFF of SL or start with a tandem, lay down the money and you're A for away. Good luck, let us know how it goes
  13. Peej

    Another newbie here!

    Welcome to the forums! I think you'll find that choosing to go through an AFF program is one of the most rewarding things you can do, good luck
  14. Surely you'd have got better answers in the swooping forum?
  15. Peej

    Advice Please

    Welcome to the forums