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  1. And for those of us who are fans of the dark side, today's "The Revenge of the Fifth" Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  2. And Jeb still hasn't landed his ws Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  3. We have an editor at my tandem concession and it's pretty much up to the discretion of the camera flyers as to whether we use her or not. I love editing so i try to edit as much of my own stuff as i can. However when we have a super busy day and are on every second load sometimes it gets a little difficult. If she does edit for us we pay her 50 Rand per edit which works out to around $7 US. Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  4. You have so many quality instructors to seek advice from at Skydive CT, speak to anyone of them and they will give you the best advice. However if you're looking for an answer in the mean time. i always advise students to buy peripheral gear first: a helmet, an alti, some goggles and so on. And encourage them to get 50 or so jumps under their belt before they jump into buying gear. By that stage you should have progressed down through the "student" size canopies and, depending on your weight and skill level, be on the size canopy that you will stay at for the next few hundred jumps. There is always second hand gear floating around and when you're ready to buy it is a good idea to send out a mail to other clubs email listserves like JSC and PSC. And always ask your instructors opinion before buying anything. Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  5. Just downloaded it--thanks for mentioning it! No worries Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  6. Here are a few shots I processed using Tilt SHift Generator on the iPad. Great little App. Nicely done!
  7. There's also a great App for the iPhone and iPad called "tilt shift generator" - you could snap the shots and pull them either onto the phone or the pad and get the same effect. Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  8. Morne, by the looks of your profile we jump at the same DZ, although i don't think we've met. If you ever want to chat cameras (and all the crap that goes along with them), face to face, come and find me at the Skyhigh video hut. I'll be happy to tell you about a few of my fuck-ups along the way and hopefully help you avoid them when you're ready to jump your own. Cheers PJ Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  9. Ben Folds - Bitches Ain't Shit Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  10. It's in my home country, of course i'm watching! The atmosphere here has to be seen to be believed: our hotels and malls are full of foreigners, foreign accents everywhere, not to mention the sound of the vuvuzelas. I hear them from the moment i wake up till i go to bed, they're everywhere It's been amazing so far, especially with SA and Mexico drawing and France and Uruguay drawing their game our group is wide open, go Bafana Bafana! Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  11. All those guys did was run and yell at the muggers, here's how South African Ninjas deal with the problem Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  12. The all knowing Facebook says you're a day early, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway hon!
  13. Happy birthday bud! Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  14. Peej

    The IT Crowd

    singing: 0118 999 881 999 119 725...3 Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  15. Monica Lewinsky Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  16. Peej


    Thanks! That's crazy, other than the pig joke the midget with the horse is one of my favourites too! Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  17. Peej


    Many years ago a traveling salesman was way out in the back country trying to make ends meet when he lost his way. Now remember this was way back in the day before cell phones. And to compound the problem his car broke down on a lonely dirt road. So our salesman decides to take a walk and see if he can find a farm with a phone he can use. Eventually he comes across a long dirt drive. Next to the road is a small sign that says "Chester Farm". So our intrepid salesman takes a walk up to the front door and knocks. A typical red neck answers and says: "How can i help ya boy?" Very politely our man explains his problem and the farmer invites him inside to use the phone and call AAA while yelling at the wife to put some coffee on. While waiting for a tow the salesman says to the farmer: "Tell me Mr Chester, when i was on my way up here i couldn't help but notice a lonely pig out in a sty. I see that he has a wooden leg, what's the story behind that?" The farmer replies: "Boy, that is the most fantastic pig that ever lived. The finest pig a man could ever hope to have in fact - and smart too! One night a couple years ago I got to drinking and I guess I had more than I should have. I passed out drunk, fell down and knocked over a lamp. The lamp started a fire in the house and well, that pig, he smelled the smoke. He came burstin' in the back door, got the wife and kid out, roused me up and dragged my drunk ass out. No question about it - that night that old piggly saved all our lives" The salesman replies: "Well that is an amazing story Mr Chester but it still doesn't explain why he has a wooden leg?" The farmer looks at the salesman sternly and says: "Boy, let me tell you something. One day one of my kin was down there swimmin' in the lake. He takes to drownin' and that pig sees this. He jumps outta his sty, runs down there and saves my kin. Gave him mouth ta mouth and everything. That is the most fantastic pig a man could ever own" The salesman replies again: "Well that truly is an amazing story Mr Chester but it STILL doesn't explain why he has a wooden leg?" The farmer packs a pipe, lights it and says: "Well boy let me tell you another thing. One day i was out there on the Jon Deere and my heart done attacked me. That pig, he sees all this, jumps outta his sty, comes a runnin' over and drags me out from under the wheels. Saves my life. He's a truly fantastic pig" The salesman can't believe this. He says: "Mr Chester - that is incredible. By tell me, why does the pig have a wooden leg?" The farmer leans back in his rocking chair, looks the salesman in the eye and says: "Boy, if you had a pig that fantastic, would eat it all at once?" Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  18. The Vandals - My girlfriend's dead. A flat out classic Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  19. Here's a link to some stills of a spinning mal i had on a Velo 103 last year. Clipped from my video camera but you are welcome to use them if they help. Or swing me an email addy and i can send them to you. Edited to add the link Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  20. Sweet! Funnily enough i've seen blackhawks on movies and stuff recently and have been thinking how cool it would be to jump one! Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  21. My first skydive of this year was on Saturday was out of a PAC 750. Tandem camera jump. Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  22. You make a very good point. I kind of let my responsibility to my tandem operation get in the way on that one. Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  23. This one happened a few months ago and is more funny than scary. After breaking a line on my Velo on a camera jump, I grab my TI's rig, which is the same canopy, only a smaller reserve and go up on the next load. We're the last out and are miles from the DZ. The jump goes to plan, except this time i pitch and the canopy opens into a violent spinning mal. I fight her for a few seconds and then chop. Now here's the funny part: the tempo reserve opens so hard that it splits the jeans and boxers that i am jumping in from crotch to waist band. So i approach over a field full of cows with my bare ass hanging out of my pants. And, despite doing numerous flares up top and reminding myself not to flare the reserve like a sport canopy, muscle memory takes over and i miss time the flare, and don't PLF, resulting in me crunching in on my bare ass. So now i have a bare, bleeding ass and a looooong walk home. Thankfully i found the main but the free bag was goner Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  24. Judging by your profile you jump at one of the biggest DZ's in the US. It seems to me like there will always be gear and deals floating around there. So why not spend time and money on rental gear and jumps in the mean time, get up to 50 or so jumps and then buy some gear? That way you will have gone through the "student" and newer jumper size parachutes and be able to jump something in the range that you're talking about? I also feel that by this number of jumps you'll be able to make an informed decision as to whether you're gonna stick around. I have seen so many people finish AFF courses and then life sometimes just gets in the way and they never come back to jumping. This way you won't have laid out thousands of dollars on gear. Just a thought. Of course if money is no object and you can afford to lay out on gear and do the jumps, my argument is null and void. Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky
  25. The car chase in Ronin is awesome. Advertisio Rodriguez / Sky