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  1. A very stupid comment. Yep! Obviously he has not been in the black shoe Navy.
  2. It can be difficult at first, but over time it becomes easier. It's actually seen water as well. That being said, I never have to adjust mine.
  3. Isn't that a bit of a gereralisation? That doesn't seem to be the ethos with the club I jump with. Yes, mine. I'm a professional and jump 6 to 7 days a week. The trend is now changing, but that is because we are mentoring better. Your views may differ after a year or two on the DZ. I doubt you have much exposure in 16 jumps.
  4. I couldn't give a fuck who's playing since my team sucked during the season. If you think the calls were impartial you are watching a different game.
  5. Oh, BULLSHIT! It's worse than a preseason game. It would've been better if penalties never exist. Let the players PLAY! The team with the most points wins, regardless of the referee's help.
  6. Made 6; a tandem and 5 AFFs. Started to watch around the 2nd Quarter, but stopped watching because of the poor officiating.
  7. Check six! You might get shotdown by a Navy guy.
  8. I like the XID feature. I keep a detailed logbook and note the number down in addition to jump info, student, videographer, and secondary instructor. Kind of like an on-line jump archive.
  9. Do you use a non-collapsible pilot chute? Why not? ==== The best way to make sure the pilot chute is cocked is to ... cock the pilot chute. It has 2 positions. One that works, one that doesn't. Use the one that works. If anyone sees a jumper confused about how a collapsible pilot chute works, show them. Have them verify the pilot chute is cocked before putting the bag in to the container. Have them ask the question, "Is this pilot chute ready to do what it's designed to?" Make sure that answer is yes. That is all
  10. It was called the "Life Line." Good idea until the kill line shrunk. Then the pin didn't want to come out of the right hole anymore. So why not use HMA or something that doesn't shrink? Why not use a non-collapsable PC?
  11. ....only if you get caught by the DFG.
  12. Shark

    Tunnel and AFF

    Sure, but they must meet the Performance Objectives of each category/level. Arching is still essential. I'd still require they complete the FJC. Good hypothetical, though.
  13. Sure, it's just a matter of how much the parents want to shell out. Just another addition to Christy's Tunnel League.
  14. Wasn't that the point of the thread?
  15. So, you would propose paragliding to supplement canopy time? By your reasoning, cheaper with more flight time. Either way, kids can only participate in tunnel programs. Unless, of course the laws change and kids are able to skydive. Then we'll see someone's 8 year old on a conservative 1:1 wingloading.
  16. Isn't that what we do with Tandem parachuting?
  17. ....too bad there isn't a canopy simulator for them as well. Guess I'll still be out-swooping the lil kids! Kid's Club - great idea to get the parents involved, too! Congrats to Erin!