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  1. Hmmmm...there's got to be someone out here in Colorado who is half blind and would give me a free ride
  2. If one were to go to a Dropzone and hang out what are the chances of getting a FREE tadem jump?
  3. If you click on the Photos tab instead of forums..the mugshot photos and others are there
  4. As of today i heard from Norm that its supposed to be 30days til ground breaking and 6months after that til it 7months
  5. Skyventure will be opening a wind tunnel in 7 months in Lone Tree,Colorado which is a suburb of Denver. Just thought i'd let you know
  6. Hey! I was wondering, how do you post a mugshot photo?
  7. Imagevenue is a great place to store pictures and they make it very easy to put your pictures in any form you need..for an IM message,e-mail,website,blog etc. (They even guarentee FASTEST upload service)
  8. Hey Dave welcome! Canterbury is a great place to be...nice scenery while falling
  9. You two are very cute together! lol gotta love the suits The Pic: This is where i spent most of my time..watching
  10. Thanks Craichead! That would be awesome if they build one here
  11. Very nice! If your anything like me you might want one of these... "Dont let the green grass fool you, and dont let it change your mind!"
  12. Welcome Bill! Maybe one day you can combine your two hobbies "Dont let the green grass fool you, and dont let it change your mind!"