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  1. YESSSSS!!!!! 1 - The DZ needs a policy and 'whatever' it is, everyone follow (whether it's follow the guys, set landing area, or into the perceived wind) it. The idea is predictability is safest as a good general rule not some specific option. 2 - Then, if some asshat breaks the rule, go land over in the alternate landing area and avoid his shit and the fallout from it. Cause I don't like the idea of the 3rd guy down now posting a thread about the confusion the 2nd guy added to the mix.
  2. rehmwa

    Bootie Types/ Vented Booties?

    Gimmicks are stupid. Avoid them at all costs. Clean air flow is what you want. So clean fabric surfaces are optimal. IMO - anything other than standard (but full sized) booties are a DETRIMENT to performance. So an extra $100 and 3 week delay for something that's worse? silly regular booties are absolutely more than fine (especially if you are small) you will be amazed at how much power you gained (once you learn to fly them correctly) - you should be super happy Edit: RockSkyGirl's comments are perfect and I won't repeat them as she did a better job
  3. Hi Wendy - FWIW every time I've jumped there I've had a great time and SUPER positive and friendly attention from both Bill and Kathy. The only other DZ in the region I've visited was ok, but not even close to as welcoming It's been a long time, I don't get to Cali much anymore. But if I did, I'd go jump there.
  4. For your situation, you are right. Smooth surface beats flapping skin and normal fabrics for going faster (99.99999% of the time). It probably still applies, even if you have booties and bigger grippers - no booties and smaller grippers would speed you up even more. But I think booties are a MUST. get a weight belt, take some mantis training with fall rate drills. You'll be fine. In general, you can get a suit fit and fabric combination to speed up, slow down, etc to some extent. For that matter, even if you want to slow down, I'm not a fan of bagginess except as a last resort. Skin drag (material type) is better. Bigger control surfaces and things that DON'T FLAP can slow a person down without sacrificing fine control in freefall. Fast or slow, you want a suit that you can fly, not a suit that flies you. Suits are more than just fall rate control. The right cut adds stability, good designs provide more predictible air control surfaces, sturdy material protects your skin, etc etc etc
  5. I'm not a big fan of calling that "lift". But I know what you are trying to convey and agree with your intent. Kallend is an excellent tracker, Whitey, and a few others I remember from Couch when I was learning had it figured out and I learned a bunch watching. My best experience was local. We had a few bigger loads and someone on the ground pointed at one flyer simply screaming away from the rest of the group at breakoff. A local packer said "oh, that's probably Bill (me)". That made me proud that he assumed it was me.. (it was, on that jump). Be careful assessing from the ground though, angles can hurt or help one's impression of how someone is tracking.
  6. You want the track that will give you the most horizontal distance from your starting point - if everyone does that and the lines are separated evenly, then that gives the most separation on average from the rest of the team. (exceptions for organized tracking groups where you pretty much want to just go to your targetted opening region) And since we choose an opening 'altitude', not a 'duration of tracking time' - then that means your shallowest glide angle relative to the planet. (take into account that we are all drifting en masse in the same air column, so just visualize that on a no wind day) Think of it in these terms - breakoff at 5000 ft, open set at 3000 feet - you want to travel as far from the center point in 2000 feet. That's a purely distance based metric. Whatever it takes to get as far as you can horizontally by the time you reach pull altitude.. Frankly, the best trackers I know 'appear' to the rest of the group to do both - they go faster horizontally AND appear to also rise and track up and away (slower fallrate) relative the rest of the team.....
  7. I have nothing to add beyond Derek's (Hooknswoop) original post. If I'm in a situation where I'm concerned about the tracking abilities of my teammates (noticed before or during the dive), I might just focus even more on out-tracking the field (general dives) or being even more diligent if it's an organized track pattern. I'll look over my shoulder before squaring up, but that's an old habit and not always friendly to on heading openings with today's canopies. Barrel roll would have to be a very unique situation (very high, small group, I 'sense' an idiot right behind/above me) Track your best, clear below, wave off big to help those above clear below them.
  8. rehmwa

    Looking to Join A Team

    If you need a team, if no one else can take you, and if you can find them....maybe you can join The A-Team
  9. rehmwa

    tunnel suit for kids

    did you ask the tunnel if they have a kids club and, if so, could you contact the parents? we did this for a helmet with my daughter a couple years
  10. rehmwa

    Singapore tunnel camp

    Maybe it would be useful to have a tag at the top of the forum for people to advertise their tunnel camps like the 'tunnel time classified' link letting people know about these camps is useful, but not really the intent of the forums (but if the greenies don't care, I don't either)
  11. totally different canopies - with different design goals if you say what type of flying you want to do, there's a lot of knowledgable canopy experts here - but asking what's better, is like asking if a hammer or an apple is better - it depends on if you want to smash things or eat something I love my Stiletto, and not a fan of the Katana when I fly it. But if I was a serious swooper, I'd prefer the Katana - FWIW
  12. rehmwa

    Where can I find a RW stamp?

    I don't know..... 1988? (I'm sure they are in the Paragear catalog, still, as one example)
  13. rehmwa

    Filming 4 way Camera suit questions

    I started doing video a couple years ago, but I'd recommend you ask in the camera flyer forum, not here. For what it's worth: My wife makes suits, so I was lucky. I went with a camera jacket rather than a whole suit. The wings are large and extend from my wrists to my leg straps (rather than just down to above the laterals). The wings have three layers (center layer is fully zero p material, sandwiched between normal supplex for the design and/or tie dye). The jacket is also supplex (that's typical RW suit nylon, not the slick stuff, the other kind) And I have straps/loops to tension the wing. This all on advice from a professional videographer we trust. It's a gorgeous jacket. That's a good jacket for me - I'm athletically built, medium sized, not light, but I'll wear weight during 4way about 25% of the time. You can scale off of that if you are a real lightweight. She just delivered a suit with pretty much the same wing sewn into a full FF suit. seems just as effective - that guy won't have to worry about the jacket riding up under canopy (I'm fixing that on mine with snaps to connect the jacket to the pants and next time a very long and lower extending spandex waist on the jacket.) I love the jacket for 4-way video (ANY RW really) and tandems. I just wear normal Freefly outfits for Freefly video. If I plan to do RW video, but want to get interesting shots (underneath, glancing paths, level, 3D type) I would wear a loose FF suit with lots of skin drag. LOVE the wings when trying to stay close and above. I find 4way and FF video to be very easy, and tandems to be much trickier actually. Backflying has been a learning experience with wings. When wearing the wing jacket - I found that my tighter freefly pants are not enough drive for my legs (epecially for tandem vids) - especially since I'm very used to booties. I have an older pair of freefly pants with a rough surface (like denim) and a MUCH looser fit that does pretty decent. However, I've decided to ask for a pair of Bootie Pants instead - it's a cleaner aerodynamic surface and I'm very comfy with flying with booties - and it'll be easier to sit upright (bootie fly). Plus, it's just fun to say "bootie pants". that, or I could just practice more and be less sucky at it - always learning about the wings every time I fly them. I like this, but I'd think a bit about a more comfy fit - other people will have other opinions. In the end, you might try to learn best by borrowing outfits and talking to whoever will likely be mentoring you on it. this would also have a been a cool place to do a mockery of the canopy downsizing threads, and new video newbie advice threads - recommending you start with trailing pull up cords from your elbows and taking the Brian Germain camera wing flying class and then recommending a 20 step progression to upsizing suit wings, flying near a 4-way and just making camera clicking sounds before even putting on a camera, etc etc etc but someone else will do that....
  14. rehmwa

    Kingair Back Flip Exit

    sure - just avoid any type of vigorous jumping upwards with that plane