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  1. The Mars is the best option out there if you ain't sponsored.
  2. I'm 6ft 3" and jumped something made for a 5ft 4"... you can do it but it was stupidly uncomfortable. The chest strap could barely go around the loop, the leg straps couldn't be tightened more than an inch from their fully open position and the ride under canopy almost made me pass out in a spiral because of the legstrap pressure in my groin area... so yeah. A few inches is ok but that's it.
  3. Maddingo

    The Cheapest AFF Course DZ

    That's actually a lot of bs and no useful answer in this topic. You can get excellent AFF training for 1200 - 1500 €. Theory, 7 jumps and gear included. Certified instructors with debrief videos and radio connection for your initial landings.
  4. Maddingo

    Hurricane to Cool openings

    I wanted to clear that he is just a heavy jumper not an inexperienced novice making a mistake purchasing an elliptic canopy.
  5. Maddingo

    Hurricane to Cool openings

    It's an elliptic canopy so it is quite normal. Even my Volt turns a lot and it's a semi, also why are you on such big elliptic canopy? How much jumps do you have?
  6. My 2 cents. It really depends on the group. If you jump with an experienced group they will to some extent tailor to your skills and you will feel you have progressed. If the group has weaker skills you will feel you are stagnating. The best thing to do is to get on coached camps. It is well worth the money. They will always make groups with different skill levels and they will always make the jump challenging but not overwhelming so you will get maximum progression from each dive. It is the best way to learn large formation skydiving. It also depends a lot on your daily form. I know that I make ridiculous mistakes if I get too tired. At this point it becomes a waste of money and I become a risk factor. So monitor yourself.
  7. Maddingo

    Container comparison

    Yes I understood that it has to use some other cordura material (lighter)
  8. Maddingo

    Container comparison

    Maybe a thing I noticed is that some brands use a softer cordura than others. I jump a Vortex and the material is very stiff at the beginning, there is also some inconsistency. It is not on the important parts but it is there. For example: My first rig had a less slick BOC, the never one uses a different material, same as the Vector. Is that important? Not really, atleast for the level at which I am right now. I haven't had any problems using them both. I also jumped older containers, Icons, some french older design, old telesis 3 and I can say for certain that every conatiner built inside the last decade is good enough for anything we fly today given the right options (free fly tabs, puds, etc.) The only brand I don't like is the Wings because of the troubled reserve tray design. I've seen a person go in on theese things after successfully executing the emergency procedures. The pilot chute just would not extract the reserve canopy. There are also videos of that on the net. Maybe that's just bad rigging and I'm biased but I would not risk it when you have many other options out there.
  9. I have something tha might interest you. Jump to 2 minutes, i have that footage in raw and can be slowed down since it's been recorded in 120fps.
  10. Maddingo

    Container comparison

    Try them and see which fits your body the best.
  11. Maddingo


    Do what they say in this video and you will fly across the sky like a missile. I started to practice this around jump 10. On my 25th jump/A license checkdive, I mastered it (the gif bellow). It feels like pressing hard against the wind.
  12. Maddingo

    Is a wing loading of 1:15 to high for beginner

    Jump on a non busy day, try to land it, fly it. If you struggle on final approaches go a step back.
  13. Maddingo

    Pack Monkey?

    Great tips guys, this could be a really useful thing.
  14. Maddingo

    Pack Monkey?

    I do, but they bite into your arm hard and after 3-4 packs you had enough I still prefer using the ordinary closing tape. For comparison, this is my loop lenght on a Vortex. It was recommended by a rigger that it should not be longer. This is a V3 fitted with a 150 Volt (tight fit).
  15. Maddingo

    Pack Monkey?

    If only they would invent something easier for closing the container. Since I like my loop short and tight my hands cry every jump day. But can't risk safety over hurting hands. Sometimes I see people having loops so loose I can pull it trough the grommets with one hand. Scary stuff.