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  1. You've already had practice with flat spin recovery. Stay safe bro see you soon. ~Freedom is never free
  2. Thanks, I appreciate that. I doubt that I will make that drive though. I might head down to Houston as I know there are a few jumpers that like the wingsuits. Thank you just the same. ~Freedom is never free
  3. Thank you all, I'm really excited to put it where it belongs in the sky. I have 11 days left for R&R but who's counting?.. ~Freedom is never free
  4. One more deployment almost over and my gift to myself is a new wingsuit. Thanks Chuck for the FFC and the good flocks, I think that was 2 Christmas boogie ago. It was shipped all the way here in Afghanistan by Kathy from I got less than 2 weeks before my much needed R&R. Hopefully I can convince some people at SD Dallas to jump with me.... ~Freedom is never free
  5. Thank you, that explains it..mine is due for the 4 yr next year. Thank you much ~Freedom is never free
  6. It is not there. And it is not on my receipt either. ~Freedom is never free
  7. I can't seem to get my cypress 2 to display the serial number. I'm about to list my gear for sale and I would like to put the SN. I read the user manual and they say to hold the button down after the 0 shows up...I do that and nothing happens. Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to do it? Thanks ~Freedom is never free
  8. So school started this week, I can't believe I'm back here after a 6 year unintentional break. I was in my senior year and got activated...that was 3 tours over to the desert ago... I'm freaking out because I forgot everything I was supposed to learn...civil engineering is not exactly the easiest thing I should be doing...oh well back to class I go.. Blues ~Freedom is never free
  9. I wish I could pack that fast ~Freedom is never free
  10. Sweet congrats, very nice ~Freedom is never free
  11. On the same note, I emailed Steffen from L&B because my Jump-Track database was now working properly and I wanted some SQL things done to it, he asked me to zip and email him the file and I had it back fixed and good to go within 24 hrs. Superb service indeed ~Freedom is never free
  12. joblades

    Post yourself

    I could never be the guy on the right, I couldn't grow a beard like that ~Freedom is never free
  13. joblades

    Post yourself

    Me working ~Freedom is never free
  14. Ouch, I hope you get better and heal soon and get back up in the sky. Blues ~Freedom is never free