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  1. Just in case anyone hadn't seen this
  2. I know that this is kind of off topic from the normal what camera is best, what mounts, etc...but since everyone who reads this is into photography I figured I hope you would support me and my family and maybe even see a photo you like. My father entered the Hasselblad competition and is 1 of 10 finalists in the world. Anyways I am trying to help him win and every vote counts. Thanks for voting! Adam Gardner ps I have a cookie helmet, with a .3hd lens on a sony hc-7; and I love it :-D although I have opted recently to switch to a go pro since the quality is there..and overall pretty sturdy piece of equipment.
  3. Does anybody on here currently jump in India, or has? Is it really 30-60 dollars to 10k? THX
  4. what is his canopy size and wingloading ?
  5. Are there any riggers in atlanta that have a four point harness machine that my harness could spend 20 seconds under? Thats an expensive machine and one I do not have access too Thanks, Adam feel free to pm me
  6. Eris.....Android 1.5 or 1.6 Droid...Android 2.0 Do you think the same about buying a computer when one has Microsoft Seven and another Miscrosoft Vista.. good call, that makes total sense...
  7. To clear up confusion, transcripts are not required. You will only need to bring a student ID and any form of proof of enrollment.
  8. The details for the event are as follows: Who: The Flying Gamecocks Skydiving Club at the University of South Carolina Invite you to join us... What: We will be having Two-way, Four-way, Sport accuracy, Classic Accuracy,and FreeFly competitions. Unlike USPA Nationals, Any one (even solo-non-licensed skydivers) may participate in the competition. When: Friday-Sunday, May 29-th-31st Where: Skydive Carolina, Chester,SC,-95.677068&sspn=34.861942,53.964844&ie=UTF8&ll=36.672825,-80.69458&spn=4.414166,6.745605&t=h&z=7&iwloc=A&iwd=1&cid=628156994744223466 Why: At USC, we believe that the next wave of skydivers helping the collegiate cause, will be those that have reaped some of the benefits. With all of the hardships of being a student skydiver, we understand that money for gas, food, books, the rise of tuition costs and interests rates on loans in addition to the high cost of our sport we(and the help of Skydive Carolina) strive to provide skydiving at cost for collegiate skydivers. Our club's home dropzone is Skydive Carolina. We have been very fortunate in being received with open arms and would now like to share. In most competitions there seems to be a requirement to participate. The details are to be ironed out, but we would like everyone to come and play in the sky during this event. To help ensure this is not a plan for disaster, we have come up with some ways to combat misfortune. For example: all competitors must attend the mandatory competition briefings to fully understand the rules if they wish to compete in any of our events. We are developing and enacting strict rules to keep new skydivers, and all of our collegiate competitors safe. Other benefits of this competition are... (1)Meet the Flying Gamecocks skydiving club as we welcome you to come visit us for a fun weekend! (2)Students off of AFF, or working on A-Card requirements will be able to come experience a taste of competition and hopefully achieve their A-License during the event. (3)T-shirts,Medals, Food (4) Registration and event fees are being based on cost. We assume it will be $25 or less. In addition to competing in our competition, your registration to Carolinafest will be waived, which happens to be the following week. (the price for registration is still to be determined) (5) Other items we are still working on include: paying slot and cost of data cd to get free video/stills, reduced lift tickets, and other ideas are sure to PM me your thoughts! Requirements: To participate in this event, you must bring a copy of your transcripts and student ID. Furthermore you must be a current student or recently graduated in the past 6 months. Yes, this includes you December, and May Graduates! We hope to see you at the end of May for the First Annual Gamecock Invitational!
  9. yeah, ok-- you are right-I am not going to try and justify it- please do not turn this into a flame thread. Your absolutely right. Which is why-my canopy is not performing. Therefore, I am learning on all stages from my attitude about recurrency, to adjusting the brake lines- and different effects of where you add to the line- and how I am tweaking my canopy to get the performance desired. I know you were not at my dz today- but we were not able to jump due to fog until later afternoon. I learned alot just listening to some of the people I look up to. Our rigger was working with me etc. anyways, I know I do not have alot of knowledge and experience but I enjoy learning, especially when it comes to the mechanics. I want to know all the aspects when it comes down to it. Honestly, I would rather not have put this post up at all- if I KNEW what was going on. I figured this was a neat venue to throw this topic out there, which I am sure someone else has already. I have picked up some pointers, or shall I saw reinforcer's to what I had already established. Thanks to all who have contributed
  10. so I have adjusted the brake line-We measured it and on both sides they were not what the specs: said they should be. One had about two and a half inches too short- an inch and more on the brake line to the toggle and an inch and more on the lower control line. We ended up adding about three inches to the break line to toggle-there was extra line shoved up into the the line so no need to add, just needed to pull it out and retied it. It now flies- a little better. (Unfortunately I forgot to get a copy of the video)There was not as much movement as the canopy was in the fronts. I watched while I was up high- the effect and the increased bowed out effect of the extra brake line even when I was in the fronts. On my front riser into final and my landing- it was still slightly bucking. We also had some wind though- which I am sure comes into affect. We had about 10mph-and I made a slight crosswind landing as the winds shifted slightly during my final approach. this is a sabre2 anyone have similar experiences with this type of canopy- is it known to buck on the fronts when doing carving turns?
  11. chris- Ah, yeah I haven't thought of that- maybe they were too short to begin with. bodypilot- I am going to do that tomorrow. Well c what happens. martini-right on- yeah I'll have a rigger do it if I need it done. I don't know enough yet of what I am doing, bartacking on the lines etc.- but I will watch him do it. I would like to get my riggers ticket, but that will take a lot of time. so I just keep learning as I get things fixed on my container and now canopy. Anyone with a sabre2- can you stall your canopy without taking a wrap of your steering line? I know this kind of is biased due to people having weird lengths of their arms and bodies- but on average...
  12. with this being a pretty damn near new canopy- purchased in July with only around 5 jumps(if that) on it from the previous owner-everything still "crystal clean" I have put only 56 jumps on it. would line trim change that dramatically so soon?
  13. well their was barely any wind, so turbulence doesn't seem like it suits the situation. and to the finish your flare- yeah I will work on that- having not jumped in over a month or so- yeah guess I am rusty and forget little things like finish the flare thanks for the input so far if anyone disagrees with what has been said- please throw it out there-
  14. I am curious on what some of you riggers think. Watch this clip and watch the canopy-sorry for the low resolution.¤t=Movieofthelandingwithturbwing.flv