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  1. brianfry713

    Skydive el Sol (Cabo San Lucas) May 3-10

    I was there last weekend and saw a few loads land on the beach. I didn't do any skydiving though.
  2. brianfry713

    cessna boogie

    I believe Kansas has a Cessna boogie every year.
  3. brianfry713

    West Sac, CA

    Welcome to the forums. I'm a SkyDance jumper, it's a cool dropzone. First start the AFF program once you can afford the whole package. Then worry about paying for jumps and gear after you graduate from that. Have fun.
  4. brianfry713

    BASE from London Eye

    From the end of the article, in case you missed it: "Gary now plans to jump from a plane one mile up with no parachute. He hopes to land safely using only a wingsuit - a specially made jumpsuit which contains wings - a feat that has never been attempted before. He is now looking for sponsorship to make the attempt possible, and hopes an aviation company will back him."
  5. brianfry713

    Packing Volume : PD-170 vs Sabre2 170 This lists the PD-170 at 391 cu in. This lists the Sabre2 170 at 364 cu in. Of course, YMMV. PD doesn't believe in publishing packing volumes. See this: Your best bet is to ask the container manufacturer. My guess is it'll probably fit, but keep in mind the PD-170 is F111 and the Sabre2 is ZP. Keep in mind you don't want to load the PD-170 over 1:1, and make sure the reserve and container will work for you.
  6. brianfry713

    Are you a skydiver?

    I'm a current skydiver. If I'm not on a BASE vacation, then I'm usually skydiving or skiing. Skydiving is fun, BASE is more of a rush. I think it's good to stay current in both.
  7. brianfry713

    First Jump, Very Fun!

    Right on, each jump just keeps getting better and better. AFF and solo skydiving is a lot of fun, and at most places it's only about 7 or 8 jumps. It does take some money and a little time, but it's worth it. You're better off jumping as much and often as you can afford, so it stays fresh in your mind. The people didn't really get sucked out of a non-pressurized jump plane. I sit right next to the open door all the time. Once you're outside the door though, you can feel the force of the wind pushing you back towards the tail of the plane. You'll learn more about the gear during the first jump course and as you proceed through AFF. Most places offer a packing course you can take that lasts a few hours, and you can always ask other jumpers any questions you have. Have fun.
  8. brianfry713

    First Jump!

    Have fun. The normal 12-15k jump altitude gives you a good amount of freefall for the price. Personally, I'd save your money for AFF and then do an 18k jump when they only cost about $30 or less after you graduate. Where in Nor Cal are you going to jump? There are a lot of cool DZs around here. For me, the ground is so far away that the fear of heights doesn't really kick in until under 1,000 feet. Then it starts to look big. Relax and enjoy it.
  9. brianfry713

    Bridge Day 2006 Fatality

    I was in Johnny Utah's BASE FJC at Bridge Day last year with Mike Pelkey. I think his training was adequate for the BD jump. There's been 135-150 first time BASE jumpers at BD the last couple of years, and only 10-20 of them take a detailed BASE FJC or get any sort of training besides the 1 hour, "how not to die at BD" seminar.
  10. brianfry713

    How to pick out / find a rig?
  11. brianfry713

    congrats to all teams at World Meet

    Is the freefly comp over yet?
  12. has info you might be interested in.
  13. brianfry713

    Finally made a return after four years.

    That's a nice sky blue canopy . I've got a sky blue reserve, but it came out on a cloudy day. I like to gamble and skydive, they're different kinds of excitement, but addictions to anything aren't usually a good thing. I took a 7 year break between my first two jumps mainly due to financial reasons as well. Have fun.
  14. brianfry713

    Cross Keys, recurrency training, and *beer*

    Call the DZ and ask.