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  1. There is no such thing as a "20 year rule" or any set lifetime for sport gear. A few pilot rigs have around a 20 year lifetime so this is a common myth. However a rigger is able to refuse to pack any rig of any age that they either are not comfortable with or don't feel is airworthy. PD has a rule that after 25 rides or 40 repacks a reserve has to be sent to the factory for inspection. I have packed a number of reserves around that age, I haven't yet been asked to pack anything more than about 30 years old. If you want you could take it to SkyDance in Davis or the Parachute Center in Lodi. They have master riggers there that have been jumping a long time. You could just post an honest ad describing the gear and see if anyone wants it. For the right price there might be someone.
  2. brianfry713

    Terry Goode

    So long Terry, thanks for teaching me how to skydive.
  3. brianfry713

    Skydive el Sol (Cabo San Lucas) May 3-10

    I was there last weekend and saw a few loads land on the beach. I didn't do any skydiving though.
  4. First get the required experience and go through the courses to get the ratings. At the dropzone's I've worked at, mostly part-time, I'm an independent contractor. First talk to the management about doing tandems there, and if they feel like it, they'll let you jump with some of their customers and pay you by the jump. Usually when the dropzone gets busy they give me a call and I'll let them know if I can make it that day. The dropzone typically owns, leases, or rents the airplane and tandem rigs. Some instructors have their own tandem rigs but most do not. Yes it's possible to show up at a dropzone and rent a tandem rig to take one of your friends on a jump if the dropzone will allow you to. The normal way it works is the customers call the dropzone, schedule a jump time, and the dropzone schedules tandem instructors to work that day.
  5. brianfry713

    Great sports team/individual rivalries?

    Giants/Dodgers Beat L.A.!
  6. brianfry713

    Incident at MOAB

    Charley had a Cypres, but it turned into a paperweight once it was 12 years and 3 months old and his awesome rigger removed it. Buy another one and I'll pack it in there for you if you want. I don't know where Matt got his data from, but I think he told me at the boogie that he estimated 90 mph descent rate in the flat spin. He probably didn't have much forward speed so that might have made it hard to stay up with him. If people are worried about their AAD not firing while wingsuiting then jump a student AAD. Just make sure you pull high enough, jump big boring canopies, fly them very timidly, don't swoop, and don't ride the plane down with it switched on. It's nice to follow down a fellow jumper who has a reserve ride if you can. It's also nice to follow his main or expensive freebag if you don't mind landing out. I don't normally jump with a cellphone unless there's a good chance I'm landing out, but there's been a few times that I wish I had one.
  7. brianfry713

    Incident at MOAB

    I just made it public, try again.
  8. brianfry713

    Incident at MOAB

    See if this works, I can't watch video at work. Here's Charley's video of Matt's flatspin at the M.O.A.B. last weekend: Good job staying alive Matt.
  9. brianfry713

    Incident at MOAB

    I know everyone is waiting to see the video. I've got Charley's camera and could post it, but it's not my footage, and I'm not the subject. Charley, let me know when/where you want to pick it up.
  10. brianfry713

    Incident at MOAB

    Charley, your camera is at my house with the video on it. A few copies of Matt's flatspin were made at the boogie. Matt's eyes looked a lot like Jeffs in the picture linked above. Virgil was convinced Matt's brain was also scrambled. Also his toes were a little black and blue. Good times. I'll look at it tonight to see if there's also video of Charley's running cliff TARD-over I heard rumors of.
  11. brianfry713

    Rig Looking Backpacks

    Look at the bottom of this page. BASE 1224, Senior Parachute Rigger, CPL ASEL IA, AGI, IGI USPA Coach & UPT Tandem Instructor, PRO, Altimaster Field Support Representative
  12. brianfry713

    FJS WX hold time killer

    My answers attached. BASE 1224, Senior Parachute Rigger, CPL ASEL IA, AGI, IGI USPA Coach & UPT Tandem Instructor, PRO, Altimaster Field Support Representative
  13. brianfry713

    How do you replace a stolen logbook?

    I can't remember if I was even asked for my logbook at my tandem course, I took it from someone who has seen me jumping a lot. I waited until I had a full real 3 years in the sport (I had done 1 AFF jump years ago), and by that time I was well past 500 jumps. Logbooks can be faked, it's not usually hard to get someone to sign jumps for you. Put down what you can remember or what you think your jump totals are and move on. A lot in this sport is based on the honor system. BASE 1224, Senior Parachute Rigger, CPL ASEL IA, AGI, IGI USPA Coach & UPT Tandem Instructor, PRO, Altimaster Field Support Representative
  14. I'll be there probably Friday night through Sunday. Last year I did a bunch of tandems and a few fun jumps. BASE 1224, Senior Parachute Rigger, CPL ASEL IA, AGI, IGI USPA Coach & UPT Tandem Instructor, PRO, Altimaster Field Support Representative
  15. brianfry713

    congratz Feeblemind - 1k!

    Congrats Phil!