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  1. lol we're part of the Abhram group too! Hotel cost is outrageous... we're planning to sandwich 3 days in Moscow during the trip - any ideas of places to stay near Red Square for ~$50 / night per person?
  2. Myself and a bunch of friends are heading out to Russia this weekend for a 2 week skydiving trip. We're staying at Aerograd Kolomna and wanted views, opinions and advise for our escapades.... Russian phrases, things to do; things not to do and suggestions for places to stay in Moscow city centre most welcome. Let the banter commence ...
  3. Contact Dave Ruffell @ Sunshine Factory www.sunshine-factory.com Customer service is awesome!
  4. I've taken my rig as hand luggage on a few ocassions to Empuria. My rig weighs 9kg (Ryanair limit = 10kg). Pack the CAA info for your AAD and take along an x-ray card in case the monkeys don't understand what it is! It's worth keeping your FAI & BPA with you too so that you're not mistaken for something else CAA: http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/830/dgo_passengerfaqs.pdf X-RAY CARD: http://www.vigil.aero/pdf/1997.pdf Also remember to leave your hook-knife in your checked-in baggage and place your rig on a tray before sending through the x-ray machine. Have a brilliant trip!
  5. micron22 with orange harness a friend just got a baby blue split colour thing and it looks more grey-green than blue so stay away! here's what i just collected last week
  6. A couple of us are heading out on Sun 25th June on flight FR2132 from Stansted to Grenoble, coming back Sunday 2nd July on FR2133. Anyone keen to share a hire car to Gap and accommodation for the week? PM me. Cheers! H
  7. Even though I would prefer a water-resistant unit I am open to suggestions. Any of you dealers in the states got them in stock? Payment waiting if delivery guaranteed to FL by Fri/Sat. Thanks.
  8. I'm not a Nigerain scam artist... honest Collecting my new kit from Sunshine Factory this w/end - the unit intended for my rig has been sent back for debugging and my dealer has been unable to source another unit in time for my trip.
  9. I need an Argus AAD in Florida by THIS SATURDAY (10 June). Has anybody got a unit (or two) unaffected by the product recall? Thanks in advance.
  10. Skydive Jersey have a great deal for a complete Aerodyne Icon/Pilot/Smart set-up including Vigil AAD for £2,700 AND you get the benefit of a system sized & coloured to your exacting wishes. http://www.skydivejersey.net/catalog/index.php?cPath=29&osCsid=4eec5f83bf59b0fcfec6eb8e14764983
  11. Email: [email protected] Website: http://www.freejive.com Thoroughly recommend WingTips btw - learnt a lot from it!
  12. Sunday 11th June, heading back Monday 12th June PM... YES! Planning 15mins tunnel on Sat 10th June in the evening (if there are any slots left!).....
  13. Any suggestions for getting from International Drive to Z-Hills on a Sunday morning and back the next evening? - Is hire car the only option? Thanks.