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  1. only a decade late but no I am not extinct!
  2. Anyone that plays video games on here needs to go buy Just Cause 2. This game is pretty much all about skydiving, base jumping and blowing things up!
  3. how old is too old for a container? I'm getting back into the sport and want to buy a used rig. The rigs in my price range show containers with a DOM of around 1993. Is that too old?
  4. Yeah should have thought of that. Thanks.
  5. I finished AFF about a year ago and haven't jumped since. (moved, had a kid) Do I have to take AFF all over again? My SIM is packed away and I couldn't find anything on the posts.
  6. I have similar dreams but I'm in a fight and have no strength to punch.
  7. I wonder how many reserve rides they have had in that many jumps...
  8. It's widespread panic but not sure which song.
  9. hey willy, Just jump in. Once you know what it's like to fly, You'll know what it means to live. Just do it bro, you won't be able to stop!
  10. Did you ask her before you posted her pic on the net? Why yes I did
  11. Got a little news for you: they all look great when they're smiling. I need to live where you do then. Where is that exactly? Paradise City?
  12. Well...I guess I won't be disregarding her comments....
  13. Here are the goods you asked for