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  1. Time Left: 1 hour and 52 minutes

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    Like new 2021 Mirage G4 container purchased brand new in 2/2022. Custom made harness for 6’0 165lb human. installed with Trap System (MARD) for cutaway confidence, articulated hip rings, lumbar support, Soft cutaway handle, butt bungie, belly band, free fly tab with hacky, and all black hardware. (Black with gray logos) 2021 PD Spectre 190 purchased brand new (Red with black stripes). 2021 PD Optimum reserve 193 purchased brand new (orange) Never fired Vigil Cuatro purchased brand new Everything is in like new condition except for a small stain on right toggle and a little fraying on the bottom right slider grommet of the main canopy. This has been inspected and certified as not a problem for air worthiness. It will come with a fresh reserve repack and a current full inspection report. I have all original paperwork that came with the system that will also go to the new owner. This rig was purchased brand new from Mile-Hi Skydiving Center in Longmont, Colorado. I hate to sell it but would rather know she is in the sky where she belongs and loves to be. She has saved my life in some hairy situations as the Spectre comes with a long soft snivel and on heading openings just as designed. With less than 10 jumps, all lines are in beautiful shape and the canopies are nice and crispy. Included with this rig is a brand new, never used Large Cookie G35 full face helmet with 2 lenses and 2 top plates (Matches canopy), a large Phantom X full face helmet (used but airworthy), an Altimaster galaxy analog altimeter, and gloves. This is a turn-key opportunity and all you need is a lift ticket! I am selling this as a full setup only and will not part out unless you don’t want any of the accessories. Thanks for looking and let me know if you are interested or have any questions. I prefer to sell locally, but will ship after full payment is received. I am happy to go through your home drop zone if desired. I will not ship internationally nor until 100% of owed cash is in hand. All reasonable offers considered. I am happy to have a phone call or video chat to verify authenticity. At 8k it is priced to sell. Practically new. My loss, your gain.


    Aurora, Colorado - US

  2. only a decade late but no I am not extinct!
  3. Anyone that plays video games on here needs to go buy Just Cause 2. This game is pretty much all about skydiving, base jumping and blowing things up!
  4. how old is too old for a container? I'm getting back into the sport and want to buy a used rig. The rigs in my price range show containers with a DOM of around 1993. Is that too old?
  5. Yeah should have thought of that. Thanks.
  6. I finished AFF about a year ago and haven't jumped since. (moved, had a kid) Do I have to take AFF all over again? My SIM is packed away and I couldn't find anything on the posts.
  7. I have similar dreams but I'm in a fight and have no strength to punch.
  8. I wonder how many reserve rides they have had in that many jumps...
  9. It's widespread panic but not sure which song.
  10. hey willy, Just jump in. Once you know what it's like to fly, You'll know what it means to live. Just do it bro, you won't be able to stop!
  11. Did you ask her before you posted her pic on the net? Why yes I did
  12. Got a little news for you: they all look great when they're smiling. I need to live where you do then. Where is that exactly? Paradise City?
  13. Well...I guess I won't be disregarding her comments....