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  1. I wondered if anyone out there could offer me some advice please. I have recently completed my AFF, console jumps and gained my A licence. It started on my AFF the walk to the plane, the ride to altitude, and getting to the door fill me with fear, to a point where I dont want to go at all. Once I am out its gone and I feel, well dont know how to describe it but Im sure you know. I really want to stay in this sport, if anyone could offer me advice to get over this fear or at least to live with it a little better, to get me back to a dropzone instead of just thinking about it, id be so grateful. Many thanks............
  2. Tash, may I also ask, how do you know if you like jumping out of a plane, can you get used to it?
  3. Really appreciate the reply Tash, many thanks
  4. Hi, I am about to undertake an AFF course, can anyone give me any advice on their experience that may help me on my quest, many thanks. Willy....