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  1. leroydb

    Real Time Fall Rate Devices - Reviews

    wrist mount fortrex 201. be better if it was helmet mounted... nothing to compare to but It is neat to see real time info...
  2. leroydb

    Lodi 16

    very nice!
  3. leroydb

    New Bird in the flock

    congrats to the new bird... but isnt saying "his identity is G-14 classified" giving us an idea of who he is or who he may work for?
  4. leroydb

    busmans tunneling holiday

    Hope to be at PC the evening of the 6th if you are still there...
  5. leroydb

    Windtunnel Orlando Freefly Coaching

    suggestion... since all the instructors have tuns of time... maybe calling the place of business would be a bad idea?
  6. leroydb

    New wingsuit flight manual :)

    Inspiring it is!
  7. leroydb

    Freeflying at Skyventure NH

    If you are in the area of the Raeford XP tunnel, I am game for 2 ways.
  8. leroydb

    SkyVenture Alcanteria (Spain)

    Who is it open to now? Only instructors?
  9. leroydb

    Repairing VHS tape

    scotch tape and super glue
  10. Yup, all the time.... but you are the camera guy, it is your fault... You have to learn how to read their body language
  11. leroydb

    HC5/HC7 sidemount solution.

    Can we assume that it can also be used for the HC3?
  12. leroydb

    Skyventure Genting / Kuala Lumpur

    they were down for a day or 2 due to a blown propeller
  13. leroydb

    Cobolt for Wingsuit

    I flew a Cobalt 105 loaded at 1.4 for alot of jumps... usually great openings even in a full track. BUT see this near double mal: http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=1221&string=leroydb
  14. leroydb

    base number help

    call me... at 4:20...
  15. Distance and record attempts with different classes of suits for beginner, mid, and High end. Of course there will be flocking