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  1. I just wanted to thank all of you for your input. Based on what I've read in this thread and what I've seen on the respective companies websites I've decided to go check out both Perris Valley and Skydive Elsinore (I must however admit that I am leaning heavily to Skydive Elsinore). Thanks again for all your input.
  2. I and one other would like to do AFF and the other two want to do Tandem. But perhaps it is unwise to go for AFF on our very first jumps?
  3. Good evening, Some friends of mine and I (3-4 of us total) are going to sign up for our first jumps this coming week. No procrastinating, money is in hand, we're signing up, no more putting it off. The only problem is we don't know which dropzone to pick. I've scoured over the list of dropzones compiled at this website and have several choices within suitable driving distance: Skydive San Diego Pacific Coast Skydiving Perris Valley Skydiving Skydive Elsinore The problem is, none of us have ever gone skydiving before and we really have no clue as to what would make one dropzone a better choice than the other. Can anyone give us an idea?