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  1. jheadley

    Will a 150 fit in a Javelin Odyssey size J4K?

    I've had a Sabre 2 150 in my J4k for 600 jumps now.
  2. jheadley

    modified SunPath risers

    Where do you stow your excess brake line?
  3. Was this, perchance, a Wings? Yes it was. I've noticed that too... annoying.
  4. jheadley

    USPA Coach Requirements

    100 jumps is far too few, and I say that as a person who got his coach rating with 120 belly jumps. I didn't have the flying skills to really do it well until # 300 or so.
  5. jheadley

    Wings Midflap Service Bulletin #08325

    What would be the advantage of packing like that?
  6. jheadley

    I think riggers earn really good money

    And AFF instructors can spend thousands of dollars to get their rating. And they also pay out of pocket for parachute maintenance and packing. Not to mention they're actually responsible for someone else's life.
  7. jheadley

    Skyhook and Freebag

    yeah that's kind of a given, if it's not hooked up it's not going to work at all I heard an instructor and S&TA say once "I don't need my RSL connected because I have a skyhook." So it's not a given for everyone. You'd think/hope that's a given but unfortunately it's not. The skyhook RSL has been hyped up so much that some people have no idea what it actually is, but they just know it makes you totally super safe. Some people act like jumping with a skyhook makes them practically invincible.
  8. jheadley

    I think riggers earn really good money

    I know a few riggers who do repacks in less than an hour, by completely bypassing the inspection. As soon as they dump it out, they pack it back up again. They claim they inspect it as they pack it. That's BS
  9. You can get a stuck slider down by pumping the rear risers with the brakes still set, I have to do it almost every jump with my Sabre 2.
  10. Those look like nice openings. Usually the only way to adjust brake line length is on the line between the cats eye and the toggle, which has no affect on how the canopy opens. Also I noticed you open, unstow your brakes, then collapse your slider, then grab your brakes again. Why not just collapse the slider first?
  11. I drive 3 hours, passing by two other turbine dz's.
  12. jheadley

    170 katana @ 450 jumps

    Really?! i thought it was some of the scariest old school shit i've ever seen. :) Please dont try to swoop like him. Brian Germain even references him in The Parachute and It's Pilot as what NOT to do.
  13. jheadley

    170 katana @ 450 jumps

    Agree 100%. I demoed a Katana 150 after putting 300 jumps on a Sabre 2 150 (and swooping it). I was AMAZED at the difference. Even at the same wingloading, the Katana was just way too much canopy for me. It needs your 100% attention from beginning to end. My next canopy will be a Sabre 2 135. That's not for a while though, even after putting 650 jumps on my Sabre 2 150 and getting pro-rated on it, I still haven't quite maxed out the performance yet. Maybe I'm a slow learner, I don't know.
  14. jheadley

    I need a new lineset for a Space 170

    Have you tried pulling in a full track?
  15. jheadley

    Rigging courses

    Riggers in the US are certified by the FAA. You need to be 18 or over, and read and understand English. There is no parachuting experience required, in fact some riggers don't skydive at all.