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  1. MrJones

    Steel Cage Match?

    I'll go out on a limb and go for Jack. He did some crazy shit last night and there are two more hours of 24 tonight. NUR ZUM SPASS
  2. I agree with you Phree. Students are only students for so long and attention needs to stay on the training and learing the things that save our ass. NUR ZUM SPASS
  3. Heard of some DZ's having this rule and in light of the recent Media circus it seems to make sense. What are your thoughts????? NUR ZUM SPASS
  4. I agree to your statements but I will go a step further and put responsibility on this Boy Friend. If your home DZ grounds you for violating a rule, yu open your eyes and see why the fuck the rule was made in the first place. How many of us can get grounded and then convince an instructor to take us to another DZ--I dont think many! But a boyfriend/FJI combination is fucking wrong. If they were dating prior then let another instructor handle her through AFF. NUR ZUM SPASS
  5. WOW, its no wonder she was in a state of disbelief and shock. Now you should go buy the Ring. If I got my wife an Engagement PICTURE she would be shocked too. Just kidding. Best of wishes and congrats NUR ZUM SPASS
  6. Como on JT I think she was there at the Mesquite thanksgiving boogie year before last. How have ya been NUR ZUM SPASS
  7. My bad man it keeps shooting back over 100kb NUR ZUM SPASS
  8. I hope the Tatoos dont get me in trouble but here is my vote!!!!!! NUR ZUM SPASS
  9. Well this has nothing to do with condoms, but Smething to do with the NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!!!! The game was an experience of a lifetime even at $400 a ticket. I welcome all you TEXANS to the ROSE BOWL to watch the threepeat! NUR ZUM SPASS
  10. If you have 5 days you will be looking good. Make you first early in the morning and go from there. dont force yourself to a certain amount of jumps in a day, it might take the fun away. Enjoy the Jump, learn if you did something wrong, and jump again WHEN YOU ARE READY. Dont forget Student gear can sometimes fuck with your body. I Remember having nice leg strap bruises from 4 jumps in a day on Student Gear. Good luck and see you there No Matter what you will enjoy yourself beyond belief and dont forget to NUR ZUM SPASS
  11. Like hook said People are People! its a part of life whether it is a DZ, or a classroom, or a church group, or an AA meeting, or a softball team, or any other micro group out there. It is a small slice of the bigger PIE, but it always tastes the same. Sounds like the "my DZ is the greatest place on earth" buzz is wearing off for you. Stay out of the mess and get in the air NUR ZUM SPASS
  12. I will locate the book and thanks for all the input. I understand that coaching is the way to go and plan on droping the $$ here soon. NUR ZUM SPASS
  13. i am sure Bush will keep that island afloat for a bit longer NUR ZUM SPASS
  14. 200 MILLION worth of cocaine????????? Maybe NOW the brits can pay back some of that money they owe us YANKS!!!!!!!! NUR ZUM SPASS