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  1. HydroGuy

    twin falls doggy daycare for BASE jumpers???

    Don't you have two rigs? Never a better time to become a mentor than now...although Fido might have a hard time with the rocks at the end of the climb out. There are a couple of Mongolian BBQ buffets that I'm sure will wok your dog while you jump.
  2. HydroGuy

    Static Line attachment

    I've never attached break cord directly to the object. I prefer to use a carry away SL setup. If I think the carry away SL will get hung up or slide excessively, then I attach a piece of 800# or 900# Dacron to the object with a surgeons knot to close it up and tie my break cord to the dacron runner.
  3. HydroGuy

    BC, PNW

    Cleatus (DZ.com sign in) and Nick Atkins are in Spokane... I have friends in Seattle with some epic objects... Portland has Ray Losli and company...there is also a sweet 370' S about 1 1/2 hours from Portland. Let me know where you get hookups and where you don't and I'll fill in the blanks...i've met people everywhere in PNW / NorCal in the last six months.. Kurt edit by request of locals ~TA
  4. HydroGuy

    Monterey locals

    Jeez I'm slow...PM sent
  5. HydroGuy

    Ground Crew Etiquette

    Flip flops are not conducive to running from the man...I reccomend ground crew wears good shoes. Fact is, if someone is not "stealthy", you cannot teach them to be stealthy as you are booking away.
  6. Ouch dude, hope you feel better.
  7. HydroGuy

    new Relative Workshop options

    Come on...someone was at Nationals and checked these things out...speak up...or PM me Thanks
  8. HydroGuy

    Slinks, can someone give me some information on them?

  9. HydroGuy

    bringing gear into the airport....

    Look under the Homeland Security Administration for carry-ons. There is a whole page on rigs. My experience has been screeners don't want to mess with your rig...they just want to swab it to test for explosives. One of the screeners at TWF used to be a smokejumper...
  10. HydroGuy

    hydroguy out of the closet???

    Damn dude...why'd you let my secret out? That shit is personal. Friday morning I hucked an A to wrap up B.A.S.E. Thanks BASE 1006 and worldsocoldimdepressedandscarytolittlekidsandwomen for the good times.
  11. HydroGuy

    Trip to Angel Falls

    Apex organizes trips to a large waterfall in a socialist country in South America...
  12. HydroGuy

    Hanwags vs Hiking Boots

    Crispi Airborne's are grey and black...
  13. HydroGuy

    FlyboyZ video needed.

    I'll be at Perris on Tues or Wed. If Eli is around I will ask him if he has any more copies available for sale...
  14. HydroGuy

    Need Base Jumpers for video

    Shark Fucking