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  1. worldsocold

    Looking for "Beyond Extreme"

    i was at APEX BASE the other day and they had some vhs original's in their front showcase in their entrance room. just call todd s. later
  2. worldsocold

    Skyhook for Base jumping??

    how funny.
  3. worldsocold

    My new Baby

    i was just at APEX the other day givin' TODD sum $$$$ and saw that rig. how funny???? it's a little too clean don't ya think? later
  4. worldsocold

    Antenna Climb Time

    hmmmm....good point...i use about three feet of spectra lined climbing lines with loped ends that supposedly absorb the shock of a fall like that. but i also used the carobiner to clip off when sitting as well. but if the rubber "stopper" on there is only for weight and aren't fixed for stopping a fall i've got some thinking to do????? they seem to be on there really good??? um i was told there are devices that the guys who work on these things use to speed up the ascent?? siimilar to the item on the link posted. does anybody know the name of these things??? later
  5. worldsocold

    Looking for Riverside, CA locals

    if u dont mind low 2 lower stuff. PM hydroguy. if your talking about a the low "E" he's would totally be into it! i've done it a couple times it's not really my thing altough it can be fun depending on what you do!? later and have fun!
  6. worldsocold

    First Apex hat

    i don't believe those words came out of Martas mouth!?!?!?! i mean Marta E. the sexiest B.A.S.E. jumper/ F.J.C teacher ever TO say something so vulgar i'm just having a very hard time with this!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. worldsocold

    The Acro suit

    i have over 100 jumps on mine. all skydiving. nice to hear somebody B.A.S.Eing one! i live in the state of CALIFORNIA and was wondering how mine might do at HALF D. in YO. NATIONAL PARK. in central CALIFORNIA? i know it's only 8-10 seconds normal freefall because of the talice. but i've been told with a wingsuit it's a great flight and easy to get away. the only thing i worry about (besides the N.P.S) is my forward speed. the Acro is'nt known for it. anybody with any input on the Acro and B.A.S.E. flying or should i say out flying the talice experience? anybody??? thanks.