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  1. I still do that ////// 460 is cool
  2. coolest 600 feet oput side climb with out my rig on or a saftey line it was made sick and the fucker was sawaying in the wind like crazy
  3. dude done it and did it with a 2-way one Iroc one tard over with a flower grip in the middle
  4. this weekend whos in Flicken like mad crazy
  5. Im trying to get in touch with him if anyone has his phone number
  6. dude stop picking on Tom A he has way more base jumps then you dude
  7. oh my god i had no idea base jumping was dangerous that was crazy I think im going to quit jumping
  8. no less than 3 seconds is a good solid way to go if u want to play it on the safe side
  9. go easy brother you will always be remebered
  10. I meant the WBFL list i keep trying to get on it but i just wont die
  11. youve been around the block a few times yah i bet you have . I want on that list 2
  12. what are you worried about, you never base jump any way
  13. this hydro guy is mad cool i jumped a b uilding with him in NYC hes heads up and super cool
  14. mindtrick

    NEW rig (home made)

    That carpet is ugly ugly no its really ugly but the rig is sweet maybe u should make your self a new carpet