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    BASE Jumping
  1. Or you could just re-write how the scores are calculated!
  2. Tyrion

    Emo Spidey??

    Being an Australian and watching it with an Australian audience over the weekend, I understand exactly what you mean. Parts that incited raucous laughter include: 1) The American "slow clap" - about a dozen times 2) Spidey in front of the huge American flag 3) The "everyone's a victim" tone to the whole movie... eg. sandman isn't a bad guy, he's just misunderstood, give me a break 4) Spidey's emo sequence (pushing his hair down in front of his face, getting all sullen-teenager like). I was seriously waiting for him to break out some my chemical romance and make a half-assed attempt at slashing his wrists 5) Spidey blubbering rediculously at the break up with MJ 6) Harry's butler - "I loved you like I loved your father", that whole bit I spent the whole movie thinking, "When's the real movie going to start?". Simply awful. Wait for the DVD people... or download it. I don't think it's even worth hiring.
  3. Exactly the jump I had in mind.
  4. Nah, it was some big coconut/palm looking tree if I recall correctly. Whatever it was, it was reasonably big
  5. Rob Fry, on one of the ABA DVD's, I'm sure of it.
  6. This video @ 36 sec. This is probably old, but i thought worth posting as the only one as bad as that I've seen is a video one off an E in Moab called "late-open.WMV" (don't know where I originally downloaded it, if someone can host I'll send it).
  7. Thanks, will have to stop by when I visit TF in the future. I'm not particularly interested in guns, I just don't like not knowing things, so I read/ask until I know.
  8. Thanks I saw the lever and thought "Didn't Arnie have a lever action shotgun in T2 when he was riding his bike shooting the locks on the fences open?".... And that's the extent of my firearm knowledge, movies and video games.
  9. So is it a rifle or a shotgun? I'm completely clueless when it comes to guns, I'm Australian!
  10. Another article has come out: http://www.magicvalley.com/articles/2007/04/12/news/local_state/109983.txt
  11. Funny this should come up now. I check my skydiving gear at the start of every jump day (including slinks) and give it a quick once over before every jump, yet I had my left rear slink break on opening only a few days ago on my Stiletto 150 after having a couple of hardish openings. It wasn't mis-rigged and this canopy has only about 800 jumps on it (I'm not 100% sure if the slinks have been replaced before, they looked in good condition though). I've heard this is really rare, but it still made me think about rapide vs slinks for BASE.
  12. Tyrion


    Indeed it is Rob Fry off one of our popular E's here, the E's nickname begins with the letter "O".
  13. Tyrion


    That would be RF off the O that Tom mentioned.
  14. Tyrion

    gravity calls dvd

    Was that the same jump over and over again from different angles for 5 and a half minutes or was it just my imagination? Holy crap that was boring.