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  1. Buy Squirrel. Your post is still quoted, so deleting what you posted was not the finest and smartest move in this case, palejo...
  2. That's atually a very classic line of business for the Balkan: Pimping. Martin
  3. A good thing takes time, i suppose.
  4. Jesus... if you guys are so keen on penises then you gotta go there:
  5. Martin, I totally agree with you on that. The rest of your message makes it sound like you don't understand what happened here, which I think is clear from the thread above. We did not create the site. And, for the record: If anyone in the industry can take a joke, Squirrel can. Send us your best. Cheers, -Matt Was busy working, so please excuse me for coming back that late. I never said you created that site nor did I understand it that way. Anyone else did. Same effect. Anyway, anyone is allowed to make fun out of everything, that´s humor, even if get´s a very low standard, and there´s no holy untachable cow in the industry, nor is PF, Tony, and who ever, but little shit-throwers should first achieve what the old players have done for human flight. Regarding the joke: After the recent four fatalities last weekend the jokes got a little bit stucked in my throat, so sorry... maybe another time. Thanks, Martin
  6. So everybody has to knee in front of the big squirrel, or what? Making fun of other companies and throwing shit at them is ok, but if anybody counters that that´s not ok? All this looks just like an cheap attempt to provoke a reaction and bring other manufacturers in discredit. This brandwar thingie is soooo old, boring and lame...
  7. On my last Wingsuitbase I had brutal linetwists. My lines were so twisted that I couldn't barely move in my suit allready and my fullface helmet was blocking any moves additionally. Could luckily throw the fullface helmet off, untwist the lines and land safely. With a sidemounted cam I wouldn't have had any chance to get out of this, a sidemounted cam would have made everything worst or even broke my neck...
  8. He should sell that idea to the Taliban or other Jihadis. The suicide bombers could become finally airborne with this. Maybe he can trade this for some of their virgins...
  9. Every dropzone needs to be highly alarmed now if some guys show up and ask to learn how to fly a wingsuit, but not how to land it...
  10. Frankly, when I saw images of the new Squirrel suit, the Colugo, it looked like an Apache-clone to me. We're coming to a point where latest suits simply have a similar design. The varieties are in the details, and as long as the customer benefits from it, it's fine. Martin P.S.: My spelling sucks...
  11. I jump a Stiletto 107, only reliable, soft, on heading openings, no twists and cutaways so far. Might be not very common what I'm doing, but: It works.. It also depends on the canopy. I used to have a 120 Stiletto before and I wouldn't have dreamt of using it on a WS-jump, since I had to cut it away two or three times because that canopy was really bitchy... M
  12. Oh, and the GoPro Hero 3 will probably join the game very soon...
  13. Dude, he means the settings of the advanced settings file of a ReplayXD 1080. Not knowing what's actually spoken about isn't automatically the eligibility to chip in useless comments...;) No offense meant though!
  14. Seems like something interesting is on the way... DSE, some few words maybe?:)
  15. This thread has actually nothing to do with Red Bull, only because someone has hijacked it. It started all about the question if it wouldn't have been better if Jeb Corliss would have landed a wingsuit as the first human ever because of it's media attention and not Gary Connery..