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  1. Seriously? Been awhile??? I think this titties were spectacular as well. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  2. I cannot believe that someone could swoop and alligator pond with a round. I would have to see a picture. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  3. I bought a little boat to get me out on the water. My middle son has already christened it. He took the pee jug up front and when I looked up there he was holding the jug in one hand, his pecker in the other, and shooting right over the top of the jug and all over the windshield. I've also got the skunk off. after several crappy catfish and a couple ladyfish, I finally landed a 34 inch Red. About an hour later I landed a 39 inch Red. A couple days after that I took a friend out and he caught the first keeper Red. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  4. The crappy thing about the Iron Bowl is that only one of the teams can lose. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  5. Boise State looked pretty good. Their win was even sweeter since it was an almighty SEC team they beat. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  6. If my wife stays in the Air Force we'll be going to Alaska. She's put out resumes mostly in Washington (where I would prefer to go), but she did put one out in Tooele, Utah. Wouldn't you know it, the place in Utah offered her the job. We haven't accepted yet. They are flying us out in a couple days to check it out. I'm still hoping for something in Washington, Oregon, or maybe even the right job in Idaho, but if nothing else comes up in the next couple weeks we may take this one. How is Utah living? For some reference, I've lived in southern Idaho. I've also been SLC a couple times and been to Park city. How is the climate, especially in the summer? I'm wanting to get away from ridiculously hot the way Florida and Idaho were. How far do I have to drive to hunt deer, elk, geese, and upland birds? I know I will be able to see a lot of mountains, but will the valley and foothills be brown most of the year? How far do I have to go for fishing and boating? Most importantly, how is the wind? If you've spent any time in this area, tell me what you think. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  7. "Michael Rogers, a spokesman for Cleveland immigration attorney Margaret Wong, said Wong will represent Obama." I wonder if Wong is white. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  8. Neither, you aim for center mass. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  9. This wasn't a killing over a car stereo, the picture is bigger than this. This was about a business being repeatedly broken into. In some places tweekers are a real big problem and if a few less of them is better for everyone. Unfortunately I have to agree with the jury because state law doesn't allow people to protect their businesses. What I don't agree with is the law. People should have the right to defend their property regardless of whether its their home, car, boat, or business. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  10. I've been reading about how the population has greatly increased as well as the average size once these slot limits were put in place. I've also read that they aren't very good eating when they get that big. I've also caught some big black drum that were full of worms and I envisioned this fish being wormy as well. Given all of that, it was pretty easy to let him go. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  11. I caught this just this morning. It took me quite a while to get this thing in with the light rod and reel I was using. Good thing I had it loaded with braided line because he took several runs that may have spooled mono. He was 37 inches long. I didn't have a scale so I don't know what he weighed. They have to be thrown back over 27 inches which is fine, they aren't good eating that big anyway. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  12. That looks like it would be fun to share.. with a 45 pound chinook Tehre is a guy who fishes Bouy 10 on his waverunner. He has a pole holder gut into the cowling.... If all goes as planned, I'll be salmon fishing the Big C in it next summer. I think I'll put a trolling motor on it first though. I'll probably get quite a ways downstream in it before being able to net the fish. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  13. Here's my current boat. Haven't had her offshore yet, but I would like to. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  14. I'll have a lot of stuff to get before going out that far. I'll also have to go with a buddy boat and have an experienced captain as part of my crew. I've had more salt water pass under my ass while sitting on a shitter than most people have even seen and I'm very comfortable out there, but I've got very little time actually running the boat. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama
  15. I must be losing my mind. The first thing that popped into my head was exiting a jump plane. "Your scrotum is quite nice" - Skymama