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  1. Hey folks! Long time no see. I guess it's probably been two or three years since my last log in and likely quite a few more since I was active. Definitely a bit different! Back in 2004 never could have imagined the front page of Bonfire spreading across a months worth of time! Thought about y'all today though when a friend posted a pic of a skydiver on FB. He was out farting around and stopped near Yolo County airport to take some pictures of people skydiving. He got a great pic and said he would be happy to provide a copy to the person in it if anyone knows who it is. So...SkyDance folks...anyone know? It was around 5pm yesterday, 4/16/16. If so, put them in touch with me and I'll put them in touch with the person that took the picture. Jason Killing threads since 2004.
  2. Looking for options to monitor a handful of outdoor cameras, connected via wireless to some type of base station and monitored via an internet connection. Anyone have any experience with something like this? The situation is a property with cattle on it a couple hundred miles away from where we live. We have someone local that keeps an eye on the cattle and does some minor work and shipping for us but he was sick recently and it just so happened that two water lines quit working at the same time. We lost 8 cows for a completely preventable reason. We want to post cameras in areas that allow us to see certain areas of the property (water troughs, windmills, etc.) but running wire is out of the question and we would like to be able to view the video feed from a couple hundred miles away. Doesn't even have to be video...could just be still picture on demand or even once a day. Anyone have experience with anything similar? Killing threads since 2004.
  3. Wow...haven't logged in for quite a few years. Decided to take a look in here to see if I recognized any names and there was Skinny still right there. I was just telling someone about him about a month ago when they laughed at me saying the phrase "would be rude not to." We weren't the closest of friends as many of you were, but he definitely had a lasting impact on me. Killing threads since 2004.
  4. I did find the Video Playback Speed option in VLC player. That does what I need, but still hoping to find something that allows me to bump up with a couple clicks on a remote without drilling down into a menu. Killing threads since 2004.
  5. Who has a DVD player app for Mac OSX that allows you to hear audio while fast fowarding? I use a variety of training DVDs with people speaking slower than molasses. I typically just hit the fast forward once or two to 1.2x - 1.4x and with the audio they end up talking at average conversational speed. The built in Mac DVD player doesn't seem to do it, neither does VLC that I have downloaded (at least not that I can figure out). In the past I have always used a work owned PC laptop but that is no longer available to me so I'm using my own laptop. Thanks for any suggestions. Jason's been quite a while since I browsed Good to see a bunch of familiar faces and many of the same ongoing threads. I'll need to catch up with about half a million posts. Killing threads since 2004.
  6. Thanks everyone. I always use non-ethanol in my boat, along with fuel stabilizer, etc. (though thankfully the fuel in my boat rarely sits long enough to need it). Thus far I have just avoided filling the Jeep at the gas station that sells the non-ethanol fuel because I wasn't sure about mixing since I obviously won't have non-ethanol fuel available at all times. I guess I will give it a try and see what happens. I've ready various accounts of people getting an extra mpg or two running non-ethanol, but we'll see, I've read just as many from people saying they saw no difference. I will take anything I can get with a 50 mile commute in a vehicle that gets 16mpg with a 15mph tailwind. Killing threads since 2004.
  7. Question for those that know a lot more than I do about the topic... Due to the detrimental effect of ethanol in outboard motors I make a point of filling up my boat at one of the local gas stations that sells ethanol free gasoline. I've never filled up my Jeep while at the station though as I was unsure if there is any detriment to going back and forth between fuel with and without ethanol. If it matters, my Jeep is a 1996 Grand Cherokee with a 5.2L V-8. Thoughts? Killing threads since 2004.
  8. It's because there are actually people out there stupid enough to fall for it. My supervisor's email got hacked and one of these messages was sent out to her address book. Three, yes THREE people out of about 100 in her contact list actually sent money, two of them more than $500. Killing threads since 2004.
  9. I like that! To expand on the meme: What my friends think I do: Doing a tandem. What my mom thinks I do: Little kid jumping off something (couch/table/...). What society thinks I do: Two people talking in freefall. What I think I do: Jumping in a large formation. What other jumpers think I do: Three people in formation waiting on the fourth (you) to join. What I really do: Packing a parachute. I love it, except for I think playing on train tracks with an oncoming train approaching would be more along the lines of "What my mom thinks I do." Killing threads since 2004.
  10. Commuted 2.5 hours each way for my first NY job. Grandma's house in NJ, walked half a mile to a bus into Manhattan. From there a train, to another train to either a bus or a 25 minute walk to my destination in Long Island City/Astoria Queens. Well worth it at the time to get my feet wet and save up for my first NYC apartment. Killing threads since 2004.
  11. That's what I just saw. This morning I was all over the site and everything I clicked on asked me to sign in with a cable provider log-in. Either they changed something or my head was so far up my ass (which is quite probable) that I overlooked everything that said ESPN3. Killing threads since 2004.
  12. Now I'm confused. Earlier when looked at ESPN's website it showed that the game would be shown only on ESPN or on the web to those with providers that cooperate with Now it looks like the game might be shown on ESPN3 which is available to anyone I believe. I swear I looked in the same place earlier. Hopefully this is good for me and I can just stream from ESPN3 but I'm still interested in any other options out there. As for now, I'm able to stream a mean game of cricket, but it's just not the same. Killing threads since 2004.
  13. I totally forgot about tonight's BCS game when I agreed to pick up an extra stand-by shift at work tonight, so I'm hoping to find a way to stream it online, even if it is delayed. It wouldn't be so bad if I was working out of the station tonight because we have every channel imaginable there, but we'll be posting on-site. We have been given the password to access wifi but unfortunately ESPN's streaming options don't work with whichever carrier provides the service there. So...anybody have any suggestions? I see piles of "" type sites out there but they all seem extremely scammy. I don't have a problem paying for a stream if a legit one is available, but no way in hell I'm signing up for one of these "membership" sites that will then allow me to access every channel in the world for "free." eta...Forget it. Now it appears it is indeed available via ESPN3 which is available to anyone. Killing threads since 2004.
  14. If you have not ever had to go through the process of dumping your grey and black water tanks I HIGHLY suggest filling your clean and unused tanks with clean water and going through the process, making sure you understand the connections and how everything works and that you don't have any leaks. I lived in a camper for two years while working for Florida State Parks and learned the lesson myself as well as witnessed MANY first time and rental campers dump their black water all over themselves. That, and invest in a few boxes of rubber gloves to wear while at the dump station. Even if you have a site with full connections DO NOT EVER leave your black water valve open. Last thing you want is the liquid draining automatically while the solid hangs out and you don't want the smell from the dump station coming back up through the hose. That's a smell that will take a while to get rid of. You can let the grey water drain constantly, but when your black tank is getting full leave the grey closed for at least a few showers worth. Dump the black first and then the grey to "wash" out the plumbing. Not a bad idea to spray out the black tank when emptying. You can buy a purpose built tool that hooks to the hose, but I just took a 3' long 3/4" pvc, capped the end and drilled a few small holes near the capped end. Put a hose connection with a shut off valve on the other end and had the same thing without walmart making $20 off me. (I don't have a camper anymore but I still use my homemade blank tank sprayer, with a few extra holes added, to wash the undercarriage of my Jeep when I come back from the beach). Hold off on buying a bulk quantity of black tank deoderizer until you find one you like. Some of them smell just as bad as what you are trying to cover up. I liked the stuff from walmart with purple packaging. One last suggestion...dumping the black tank is especially easy if your trailer sits high and gravity is there to help you, but you can't always count on it, and it seriously sucks to have to "walk" the hose filled with last night's business to get it to empty. I used something similar to the link below which uses a water jet to shred everything coming out the tank and pump it over a small distance and even up a foot or so. I was EXTREMELY happy with mine, especially due to the much heavier duty 1" hose that didn't break down as fast as the super thin 3" stuff. On the same note, not a bad idea to have a short length of dump hose for when you have a site with full connections or easy access at a dump station. that 30' long stretched out hose will be a drag when you have to "walk" everything in it all the way to the end to get it out. Obviously most of my significant memories of living full time in a camper were about shit. Not the best memories, but certainly the most lasting. Have fun and drive safely more than anything else. A little bit of wind is a lot of wind when you are towing a billboard behind you! Killing threads since 2004.
  15. If not familiar with using the Mac in general it is very worth the time to go through the Mac 101 and PC to Mac tutorials on the Apple website. Most of the info is super basic, but it covers most of the things people that have recently switched often complain about. The simple stuff like "I used to do "XYZ" on my PC, how do I do it on my Mac." Killing threads since 2004.