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  1. RSG

    PIA StreamCasts

    Thanks from Saudi Arabia over here, I was planing to come over ; but could not because of other issues, I admire your reports and appriciate your hard work so much thank you again _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  2. RSG

    Transcending Fear Talk with Brian Germain

    Grate job Brian I loved it all over _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  3. may be ! you have to be ready for anything buddy _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  4. It should be in Thumamah , east of the airport yah sure (if we open soon) how long are you here for ? _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  5. RSG

    c 130

  6. yes in Riyadh Saudi Arabia But we wont be running the Let 410 at all it in the airfield but needs tons of work My worries are really with the politics of the aviation authority and other agencies _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  7. Trying to open one here after the last guy failed to sort out the paperwork for the Let410 and I'll tell you what: it is not easy at all, and I am not expecting to have fun doing it my hat is off for all the DZO's and managers, you guys are the hidden hero's of our sport Cheers ya all _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  8. RSG

    wrong design sent :(

    I always worked with overseas dealers, I had so much communications with them and worked out just fine I did liked the dealer that sent me so many clarifications about the rigs I am ordering and explained for me so many options that I needed to make a good order form ! _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  9. RSG

    AFF 1 Today - Woohoo!!!

    I Remember this feeling very much It is a good feeling and loved the way that I felt proud of my self, You should be too _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  10. RSG

    Handsome Dave Dewolf

    I know Dave only by Skydive radio I gained so much from his experience I hope he heals real quick _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  11. RSG

    Vector 3 deliveries?

    I ordered one for a friend and it only took around 3 weeks, this was 3 months ago but I did pay a rush order fee and bought stock canopy from PD it was really good stuff and expensive as well , my friend likes it very much _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  12. RSG


    LoooooooooL its not for me mate, its for a friend that dos not speak English and i am helping him out with this, I think i scrude him by telling him to choose any DV mini cam, and that I will buy him the eye cam and the helmet with a holder for the cam _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  13. RSG


    Did I do a mistake when i buyd this cam for FF video ? Sony DCR-HC54E i could not find a helmet with a mount for it, i thought because it's may be a new model? please help _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  14. RSG

    Testing FXC's

    Hi Again I know a guy that passed away a couple of months ago, he had an FXC 12000 on, MC5, 370 main it was calibrated and tested the report says that maybe because he was unstable and facing the sky that this resulted in a non fire for the FXC, may be this needs to be looked at, I think that no one from our DZ will ever jump it the FXC was supposed to save this poor guy's life !! all of the coaches know that the cypress is much better and more reliable , but what can we say _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo
  15. RSG

    Testing FXC's

    Are you sure that you want to jump this old thing? there is a lot of new tech AAD's out there that proved its much better and safer I really wish that either they stop this production or they just recall em, we've been facing many issues and don't think it will go throw this time, have you heard of the negative airflow on the FXC? one of the guys just explained to me that it can happen on a FXC 12000 that if a jumper is free falling backwards on his back that there is a possibility that the damn thing wont fire !!! please tell me if this is true or not _________________________________________ R S G = Ready Set Goooooooooo