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  1. RSG

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  2. RSG

    Testing FXC's

    Are you sure that you want to jump this old thing? there is a lot of new tech AAD's out there that proved its much better and safer I really wish that either they stop this production or they just recall em, we've been facing many issues and don't think it will go throw this time, have you heard of the negative airflow on the FXC? one of the guys just explained to me that it can happen on a FXC 12000 that if a jumper is free falling backwards on his back that there is a possibility that the damn thing wont fire !!! please tell me if this is true or not
  3. RSG

    Saudi Arabia?

    Hi There The International Skydiving Center in Riyadh is still under development ! there will be a large Championship in Jeddah City (1.5 hours via airplane from Riyadh) it will be really fun to be there , the championship is for 4 way and accuracy There is big fans for Skydiving but mostly military guys and there is some boogies that happend in the past, we just had a mini mini boogie 2 weeks ago the largest DZ in the area of the middle east may be in UAE the name is Um elquain , one hour drive from Dubai I was told its worth it, its a beach DZ if you go to Saudi dont expect a lot of activity regarding Skydiving, but if like BASE, I can drive to one grate point and give you my BASE rig Here is a video of one of my friends ( i did not ever jump but i own a BASE rig)