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  1. grundleson

    Reno anyone?

    phff. whatever lew. i throw you off an antenna and then thats it! i see how you work hope you get some jumpin in! -eric Dont die!
  2. alright mission accomplished. and i made it look good. for those technical guys. we jumped two different canopies. i jumped with a perigee pro with a fox 265 with no vents with a vented 46" asylum pilot chute and the other jumper jumped with a perigee pro with a blackjack vented with a toxic 46" pilot chute. i landed about 40 feet away from the object with enough time to pop my toggles and do a nice flare and stand up land. the other jumper landed about 20-30 feet beyond me. both exits were done exiting and tossing the pc in an upward direction, not the dart toss that i usually do, both jumps taken with practically no delay. cheers Dont die!
  3. How many people have done this? i am looking for some input on whether or not this is a unsafe decision. It is my local A, and i have done countless jumps from the 300' level, and have been doing static line, PCA, and d-bag jumps from the platform at 200'. Is this altitude too low to jump (freefall) with a 46/48 inch pilot chute? either vented or unvented canopy. i began getting curious after doing freefall jumps from a 240 ft b, with enough altitude to do a nice slow turn and land after the canopy had pressurized. and another thing, the object protrudes about 6-10 feet at the base. the platform i want to exit is 150/160 feet higher than the part of the structure that sticks out. so, if the landing area is not a question, any direction is a good direction to land at this site, would you freefall from this altitude? Dont die!
  4. [url] Chris Bazil also has a site up with some really cool pictures as well. Jackie thanks for taking some of those shots theyre really nice photos! cheers Dont die!
  5. hybrid moments...that is a good song. all of shit bullshit drives me nutts. who cares if tom a is on espn for this. i am not saying it is wrong or right. but hey, if espn was there with a camera in your face you really wouldnt mind being on tv would you? oh thats right you would ratherpost all your illegal base on youtube for everyone to see. this is a legal bridge they are filming, you tube has objects that arent as legal as the potato. so what the fuck is all the same isnt it? type BASE jumping in on youtube and see what comes up, you dont think that attracts more stupid ignorant whuffos to the sport? alright i'm done. by the way i do agree that abbie is a gigantic homo. Dont die!
  6. ooh ooh. i know what you should do. take a bus. give me a call Dont die!
  7. Alright, if you are jumping in So-Cal and jumping a local stick that we have, please please do not climb this tower with a hookknife in your rig. The ladder somehow always pops it out of your container and i am left to find them when i go jumping there. if you realize you have dropped your knife, go look for it. dont just lose it and say "fuck it". anything we leave there IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE, especially a hookknife. so please, look for it if you drop it. i currently have 3 hooknives for 3 different rigs, and an oakley beenie. there is already added heat on this tower due to suspicious activity. so please be careful. this tower generates a lot of traffic and we really need to take care of the site if we want to continue jumping it. please dont fuck this up for everyone in so cal. be precatious and do not be careless with how you treat this site. because there will be a lot of people more pissed than me if it becomes unjumpable. so, there is my FUCKING rant. grundleson. bitches. Dont die!
  8. okay thats fucking gnarly. i like it more than the base tat in this thread Dont die!
  9. yeah nic! tell it to em! Dont die!
  10. here is a couple of mine. actually, the only ones i really have. cheers! grumbles Dont die!
  11. dude, heres what you do. go to the beach club. get drunk and convince your girlfriend to take home at least 2 or 3 hookers. theyre cheap, so get a couple. then make your way into china town, it smells in some places, but it is really interesting to eat in the hole in the wall resturaunts over there with open kitchens. you'll leave wondering if you got any diseases. and, jump off as many things as you can. watch out for the lady boys. lifewithoutanet had a run in with some of them the last time we were there and i dont know if that rash has healed yet. -e Dont die!
  12. grundleson

    Tonight . . .

    hmm, and whereabouts will this adventure take place? -e Dont die!