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  1. Can't go back to dog chow after eating steak. Bark! Bark! Thanks for the motivation, inspiration and knowledge you've passed on. Even the swift kicks in the ass when I want to be impatient. Love ya!
  2. Thanks for the Kudos. It means a lot coming from a veteran in extreme sports photography. :)
  3. HAHA Yeah I'm the girl with the big camera. You guys were all awesome. It was a great weekend and I had an fantastic time photographing "normal people doing extraordinary things." :)
  4. Thanks :) The platform was placed on Sat if I can remember correctly.
  5. BASE pictures taken the weekend of Memorial Day 2007 @ Perrine Bridge - Twin Falls, Idaho are available for view on Feel free to contact me if you are interested in the digital rights to the photographs. My email address is [email protected]