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  1. Para_Frog

    Thailand exit specifics, anyone?

    Tsunami Part II - and his name is Richard Take lots of pics brudda - and not just of the jumping. - C.
  2. Para_Frog

    Another one bites the dust in Argentina poor bastard. I would offer advice, but I have three ex I am in the dumbass hall of fame. Best of luck my friend! I'll supply the Patron for the toasts when you're back through. Abbie - looks sweet, now where's your flippin 182?
  3. Para_Frog

    Cross Post - Earl Redfern

    Here Ya Go
  4. Para_Frog

    How many BASE jumpers are there?

    Ah whon, ah twooo, ah thrrree. There are three. Three BASE jumpers. I know I'm not the only one old enough on here to remember that commercial Consult the Oracle...he would know.
  5. Para_Frog

    FLat Flat Florida

    No, but Smitty took that pic of me just before he became the 3rd Phil to base jump... Damn Phil...was the getaway car a 54 Buick? Did that ParaCommander open OK for ya? respect brudda.
  6. Para_Frog

    So Long My Dear Friend

    Mike, I hope you can sit on a quiet evening under the stars, look up, and say "Man, I can't believe some of the shit we did." And smile. Nothing will ever take THAT away from you. God bless brother.
  7. Para_Frog

    outback steakhouse @ TWF

    Friggin amen dude.
  8. Para_Frog

    Skydive Idaho

    Grab your gear, drive out, say "hi" and get on a load with a bunch of great jumpers. SkyGods don't get much traction here. Best facilities in Idaho by far.