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  1. futuredivot

    182 Wings

    If you can't get a field approval-try a different field. There is no consistency in how different FSDO's work
  2. Have they already selected the sacrificial lamb for this one?
  3. futuredivot

    My Staff Rocks.....

    I concede that the staff does rock-but the culture that allows them to starts at the top. Don't short yourself-you run a top notch operation. Glad you got a chance to do some of the fun stuff.
  4. futuredivot

    Dizallving USPA

    Dude, You might have a valid point. I might even agree with you if it were presented clearly. What do you dislike about USPA? What other options do you suggest? I'm not inclined to wade through the above post in an attempt to decipher what you're saying. This is honestly a request, not an attack.
  5. futuredivot

    DZO gives everything away on Craigslist

    Does anyone know what the USPA did to help maintain access?
  6. futuredivot

    Skydive Greenville

    I know a lot of the old Greenville crowd. Most moved to Chester. If you remember Mark Hiscott, Michelin has him over in Thailand now.
  7. futuredivot


    find your priorities, and make sure they're right. With my job, I've had to give up DZ time for family time. I get out when i can, but my first job is husband
  8. futuredivot

    Public safety skydivers

    I remembered this from a long time back http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=312631#312631
  9. Do NOT bury the manager in childish or obcene emails. I'll bet that the issue can be resolved on a local level with a lot less friction. Remember, you want the dropzone to remain there and having some low rent boss hogg gunning for it won't be good. I will be interested on how much assistance comes from the USPA if needed.
  10. futuredivot

    Piper Cherokee 6 Pilots advice needed

    Is there no other airframe available, or do ya'll just want to log a 6?
  11. KY would be an improvement over the dry gouging they have been doing. What legitimate DZ's will they be competing with?
  12. futuredivot

    Atlanta 15-18 Feb

    Ya'll stink-I'm gonna be stuck in WV that whole weekend. At least take pics so i can see poeple having fun
  13. Scratch that-had my dates wrong-I'd prbably try to swing in for a few days if Diamante is still cooking dinner