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  1. Is anyone selling gear or --- knows of someone selling gear and --- the person buying the gear sends twice the amount of the asking price for the gear and then looks to have the excess sent back to them ? thanks blaine blaine
  2. bmsbase

    base number help

    ok nice exit blaine
  3. bmsbase


    so dude response or open teritory? blaine
  4. bmsbase

    base number help

    i apoligize ... but its close to 4:20 and i have had a few too many beers but i go here & here & click on the joy & rick at bottom and my computer locks so how do i do this? blaine
  5. bmsbase

    Moving to FL

    chris, there is nothing in that area. i will pm u my numbers blaine blaine
  6. under the bridge blaine
  7. johan, the solution is so close u dont even see it. find exits points that correlate to 420 420 + 55 420 less 25 and change ur exit count 4-2-0 seeya blaine
  8. fairly familiar with the so florida locals but, who is over in the sarasota to naples area ? prefer pm responses thanks, blaine blaine
  9. bmsbase

    Wind Turbines

    call me paranoid .. but i used to work for fpl energy (largest US owner of wind turbines) ... id stay away from posting on this if your actively jumping these .. yeah i know they made me paranoid working for them. it be like them to monitor anything related and the author seems to know about them. blaine
  10. bmsbase

    newest moab local

    if your coming to moab and want someone to jump with feel free to call 435-313-9373. blaine blaine
  11. bmsbase

    muff muff johhny

    spoke with johnny's son today ... send your thoughts and prayers their way. appears that after several points at sunset johnny moved away from the group and opened under cypress fire ... appears that it may have been a heartattack or stroke. sorry for not providing more detail yesterday eve .. i was a bit broke up. muff muff blaine
  12. bmsbase

    muff muff johhny

    we love ya brother... the bridges wont be the same... God, i hope this news is not true... muff muff edit to add details from post later in the thread ~TA blaine
  13. copied from the old thread: Here's the current guess list for the Vision Container: (Oh yea, its old as hell by the way but totally jumpable. For Death Camp students especially.) User Name # guess eb66to77 731 Mikki_ZH 729 gweeks 1000 Chizazz 756 flr169 769 JaapSuter 666 base587 1001 ChrisHall 600 Sean621 621 lifewithoutanet 830 Faber 850 crazydave44 744 avenfoto 1100 yexotay 454 LouYoung 800 dploi 1250 flite 740 87SupraT 901 nicrussell 698 PeteS 425 n23x 705 freeatlast 750 freeflynick 797 cesslon 512 crimpfiend 777 rjgill 689 aidclimber 911 littlestranger 420 sherm-dawg 799 dbrutherford 701 shunkka 590 JT 562 AirCanada 615 BirdBoi 790 SabreDave 667 ojlawrence 737 bmsbase 732 fundgh 742 JohnDoe 883 d5grvty 620 Calvin19 987 bob.dino 300 914 734 thepollster 938 tobiasz 1035 saf40 912 brianfry713 1065 sgt_ludy 599 vid666 798 1010 1010 Huckleberry 884 ChrisMac 1080 skypuppy 1002 abby 808 blaine
  14. looks like your smokin and drinkin in that pic. blaine
  15. now is that swing of yours have any bungee in it? blaine