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  1. I just got a new PF suit and need some instruction on how to fly it safely. I can offer a case of beer something like so for some first flight help. Preferably on the weekends, like tomorrow Aug 2nd, I dont log on here too much so please reply via email if you can, [email protected][email]Thanks
  2. Well now that I got your attention, cause I know everyone must like hookers and blow, here it is. Ill be in Houston on Mon the 18th - Thur the 21st. and LA in Montebello the 25th-29th. Are there any locals that would like to do a jump on one of those nights? Hookers and Blow is too expensive so maybe some beers would be good. I just don’t want to be burnin’ down your favorite sites without someone who knows them, preferably a local ehh? Send me a PM or a message. Thanks to All.
  3. mfob


  4. mfob


    Ill be in Houston 6-18 through 6-21 for work. Im staying downtown at the Residence Inn. Is there anyone who would like to make some jumps or at least one during one of those nights. Id appreciate any locals to contact me via PM. Thanks
  5. Good thing no one was hurt but what are some of the details on what happened? Does anyone know? 10:27 a.m. -- Perrine Bridge BASE jumper escapes serious injury despite chute malfunction - The Associated Press Edition Date: 05/29/07 TWIN FALLS -- A BASE jumper springing from Twin Falls, Idaho's Perrine Bridge escaped a chute malfunction with just minor injuries over the weekend. He and another person were jumping late Sunday evening when his chute didn't open properly. A witness says, "He spun in his chute ... and then he just caught -- hovered across the river and ... Just got slammed into the wall." But the man -- whose name wasn't released -- was able to walk down from the north side of the Snake River, swim the river with his parachute, and then climb up the opposite canyon rim to safety. Memorial Day weekend generally brings dozens of BASE jumpers into Twin Falls. A year ago, a woman was killed and another man injured in mishaps on this busy weekend event.
  6. TWIN FALLS — Two canoeists who were given $85 tickets for not carrying life jackets as they recovered a suicide victim’s body Sunday from the Snake River have had their citations dismissed. The Twin Falls County prosecutor declined to file cases Wednesday against Dennis Bohrn and Michael Futrell, both of whom were cited for failing to carry a personal flotation device. When Bohrn, his girlfriend, Futrell and Futrell’s wife arrived at the shore with the woman’s body, Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Sgt. Daron Brown looked inside their canoes, did not see life jackets and issued two citations — one for each canoe. “My husband, who is the one that held the girl until we could make it to shore and was affected the most by all of this, they didn’t show much compassion toward him,” said Amber Futrell. “He just seemed very callous toward the situation. At the time, you don’t think about any of this stuff because you are going through such a traumatic event.” Amber said she appreciated the gesture by the prosecutor’s office. “The fact that they did recognize it was a traumatic event and they are making a special contribution in that way is nice,” Amber said. “As much as we can, we would like to put it behind us — although we probably never will — and focus on what’s important to us. To be grateful for what we have.” Brown did not immediately ticket the group, wrote Nancy Howell, Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, in a Wednesday evening press release. First, Brown asked them if they were carrying life jackets, to which they answered, "no." Leaving the body behind at the shore with emergency responders, the canoeists headed to the Centennial Park boat dock to load their canoes. While they loaded their canoes, Brown asked them to come to his patrol boat after they finished. ”We didn’t get the tickets right then and there,“ Michael Futrell said. ”(Brown) said, ’Under normal circumstances I would not give you a ticket here.’ " Brown felt compelled to cite them because a woman was present whom he had recently cited for not carrying a life vest, Michael Futrell said. ”I felt that they did do it exactly right,“ he said. ”Yeah, it was kind of a bad deal. But the sheriff’s department got kind of a bad rap. But after hearing (deputies may give warnings), that situation down there should have been a verbal warning.“ But Brown could have acted more draconian than he did, according to Howell. ”A total of three citations per boat could have been issued for safety violations, but due to the circumstances he only issued one,“ Howell wrote. Howell declined to further comment about the additional infractions for which the group could have been cited. Following the prosecutor’s decision, Magistrate Roger Harris dismissed the two cases without prejudice. ”(Brown) has dragged a lot of people without life vests out of the river,“ said Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs. ”His citation was a legal citation. With regard to when he gave it, these people were trying to help out, and, given what they were trying to do and given the situation they were in, Ithink they get the picture and that justice is served by giving them a warning in this case.“
  7. 2) Please do not stand on top of the handrail. The transportation department, which owns the bridge, has asked that jumpers not stand on top of the handrail because it distracts motorists, and they are concerned that it may cause motor vehicle accidents on the bridge. The bridge is the main entry to town from the interstate, and accidents on the bridge back traffic up all the way through town. I saw them jumpin from the rail many times during the show. WTF?
  8. I have a KODAK camera, I altered an old camera case to attach to my chest strap to hold my camera. I use this mostly for base jumpin. When I download onto my PC it is in quicktime, or MOV format. How the hell do I convert this so I can use Windows media player and movie maker to make some fun ameteaur videos. Windows movie maker doesnt support the MOV. PM with help please if anyone can.
  9. be there in the morning, after all the green beer here in Boise.
  10. anyone going to be there over spring break? That will be 23rd of march through 1st of april. I have never been there but spring break sounds like a good time to go ehh?
  11. mfob

    Wind Turbines

    See I got a job as an engineer this summer building them. So I will have keys, and the ones id like to jump off I wanna wait til they are erect but with no blades if possible. Also they are 80m towers.
  12. mfob

    Wind Turbines

    Has anyone on here ever jumped off a wind turbine? If so what would you classify it as? I ask because Ill be jumping off lots of them here soon and I just wondered the logistics of the jump. Like is there a vertical edge to jump from like the back of the cell or do you just slide from the top and off one of the sides, obviously depending on wind and all. Also if the blades are spinning how much wind current do they omit behind them?
  13. mfob

    Reno locals

    fuck it then, I*m burning. I got to go in 6 hours and when i get ther it will be ON. hope my lock pick skills are good cuz fuck it im going. Sorry for those of you that live there or wanna go there but it is ON. Later
  14. mfob

    Reno locals

    Im heading there tomorrow. I didnt hear about anythig that was much help. Im taking my rig and I dont wanna burn anyones object. So i guess let me know soon. Thanks PS I wont have my car with me.
  15. mfob

    Reno locals

    whats up, ill be in Reno the 7-10th of Feb. Any locals around, or anything to jump off? PM me no real good answers yet!