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  1. nicrussell

    HD GoPro wingsuit footage

    I need for Malaysia, I leave in 18 days. Looks like I will be getting a HD GoPro after I get back. I guess I'll have to just get multiple shots of every jump.
  2. nicrussell

    WestCoast Wingsuits Lodi 20/20

    I'm there!
  3. nicrussell

    Helicopter jumps at Lodi

    please disregard my above post. it was made by my fun drunken in a hurry self. i think.
  4. nicrussell

    Helicopter jumps at Lodi

    So um, I have been absent lately, and will again this weekend from lodi. how many weekends is this guy going to fly. 1 more, 2, maybe one a month, maybe just "on call" ? -n
  5. nicrussell

    Helicopter jumps at Lodi

    i am in for sure. count zack in too. 3 jumpers per load yes?
  6. nicrussell

    How beer works

    as a working bartender I have seen this work in real life with patrons. and who am i kidding, myself to a certain point.
  7. nicrussell

    Nitro/Nitron for wingsuiting?

    I have a friend who regularly jumps a nitron with no problems so far in his phantom, v2, or acro.
  8. nicrussell

    Hello from California

    lodi! you can't beat $13 jumps* to full altitude with 2 twin otters running all weekend. (*after training, and when you buy jumps in 50 tickets blocks)
  9. nicrussell

    When you started...

    I think he meant the first suit you jumped. In your case it was a Classic 2. HaHa! Ed called you out charlie!! how does that make you feel. Classic 2, Vampire, and now Phantom
  10. nicrussell

    Wingsuit BASE - How dangerous is it?

    Most of the hesitation issues can be attributed to a rigging error. Some jumpers feel better when packing their pilot chutes by using a tool to restrain the packed pc as they place it in the boc. tolls include, but not limited to pull up cords, rubber bands, packing clamps. you leave on a tool, its a rigging error with grave circumstance as sadly proven. NEVER USE A RESTRAINT ON YOUR PC's!! -n
  11. nicrussell

    Class Action Lawsuit - NPS

    You asked for it, so I REFUSE to call you a dipshit. I also WILL NOT call you an annoying ass who has nothing to contribute to a somewhat thought provoking subject. And to call you an ASSinine cock sucker would serve no purpose but to please your own diluted sense of self numbering, SO I WONT. =nic (cya in 2 weeks)
  12. nicrussell

    Reno anyone?

    how far can you travel?
  13. nicrussell


    I dont think the nation of India or its people have anything to do with the skywalk above the 'grand canyon'. maybe the eskimos could help. This shit irritates the hell out of me. there are a lot of cultures native to the americas, Indians are NOT one of them. India is not near geographically to the US (or inside the boundries of the US). Please DO NOT continue to disrespect the cultures of the various native nations of north america by calling them "indians". Indians are a proud and good culture too. But they are a totally different culture. This is 5th grade material kids.
  14. nicrussell

    Norway Heliboogie 2007 Photo gallery

    I hope to make it next year. And I would have totally forgotten my speedos. Now I know.
  15. nicrussell

    Freefall 200'