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  1. I will do it, what size Sabre?
  2. Aw c'mon Mel! Rob is from Canadia, he got confused with inches, centimeters, ect. Although he should have picked that one out before hitting "enter"...
  3. As for Jump numbers, I couldn't tell you. Maybe from the AAD. Mostly Precision reserves, I don't think he has many, if any PD reserves in there.
  4. In my experience, you will get great containers, reserves and AAD. Bill sells off the oldest first, so the mains have been "Previously enjoyed", some to a high degree. You can plan on relining right away or very soon after receipt, sometimes he lets fairly new mains go out by mistake. Hope that helps, you can buy 2 used rigs for a little more than one brand new.
  5. So how are you supposed to ship a unit in that has a battery installed and how do they expect to ship it back?? Huh?
  6. Seems like IMHO that there is more drag during opening with the thicker line when new. I would also venture to guess that as the line gets fuzzy, you will have even more drag on the slider grommets, due to line circumference, producing a variable of inconsistent openings. The slider may stay up longer, giving any jumper imput time to manifest off heading openings. At the end of useful life of the lines, tension knots will be an issue also. Sure thinner line won't last quite as long in a "use it til it breaks" environment, but the time span of issues caused by wear will be of shorter duration. So, light to moderate wing loading should use thinner line. Heavyweight would be better at higher wing loads but depending on opening characteristics, pack volume, performance, ect. not always true.
  7. "In an ideal situation it would be more about screening the Pilot and less about which suit, but that means someone has to play bad guy and tell people (probably a friend) that they are not prepared to fly their magic carpet yet. Much easier and PC to just draw an arbitrary line in the sand. Unfortunate though, would make a great chance to enlighten a few folks about their perceived skill level. (and if someone who knows me thinks I fall in to this category I hope they would step up and tell me) " "Glad to see some progress has been made there and thanks to Ed and Pete for making it happen, and to Bill for giving us another (third) chance. Hopefully those jumping there are being smart about it, respecting the rules and keeping Bill happy so we can see a full return soon." Hi, Pete Swan here,meet one of the "Bad Guy's". Hey, not trying to piss in anyone's cornflakes here, but the jist of it is there a lot more cutaways with the biggest suits. Mostly when ill-prepared jumpers get one and don't upgrade the rest of their gear to match it. Bill was getting tired of parachutes in good condition having to be cut away because of small pilotchutes and smaller sized mains that would work "okay" with a Phantom or other medium size suits. Then the shit show of people flying around in cars on private property looking for gear. When you add the bigger burble of the bigger suits with the above, you hit a "tipping point" of reliability and the malfunction rate goes way up. We had to sit it out for the whole season, that sucked for me as my business is here and I can't just pick up and leave. So thanks, to all the folks who fucked up my WS flying this year.... So if you want to jump _any_ wingsuit here, you must get a checkout first. Your info will go in a card file and we will be tagging your rig. We are sticking with medium and smaller suits for a while to see how people behave. No tracking dives,with or without suits is allowed per Bill. Okay smartasses, yes you still must track away on group FF jumps for separation. If you get a bigger suit there are other DZ's to get experience at with it. We don't have any sort of timetable for expanding the suit range as of right now. Believe me, I am less than thrilled to have to be semi-responsible regarding bird-flockery. I say that because pilots will be accountable. And yes, we have a "No fly" list of folks who have and continue to make bad choices. Sorry if this all sounds a bit Nazi, but WTF do you expect if someone come's and shit's in our yard then leave's???
  8. There was like 9 or 10 of them, all inspected and assembled by ME! So the value must be going up by a large factor because of that! Seriously, it was a fun shoot!
  9. Check to see if your diagonal straps are too short also. If you feel the harness pull hard at the front of your groin, that could very well be the problem. Can be easy or not so easy for a field rigger to fix. I have done this to quite a few rigs with good results.
  10. Western Parachute sales in Oregon. You know 1 800 call Ralph. I think he has that kind of stuff. Also a Master rigger can determine compatibility between TSO'ed components. If say a Vector freebag was a good fit,(hint,hint) A Master rigger could choose to use it along with the pilot chute.
  11. Hi the student gear is all newish Javelins, all maintained by a full time rigger on staff with years of experience. The A/C issues are in line with the FAA, they come out all the time. There are two full time mechanics on staff keeping things in order. I have an independent rigging loft on the airport that serves many in the Nor-Cal region. Let the flame fest begin, if you really have been there talk away. If not, get up to date before you go on old information Have a nice day!
  12. I would be in for a "Field Trip" of sorts!! I want to take some side trips around the Deland area!! C'mon Bill, let's get a "Short Bus" for viewing the natives!! Seriously, I do want to see your place humming!
  13. I've seen a couple of them. As long as it was not ever used as a main, it's okay.
  14. RTFM. Some older rigs call for it, some do not. It's Sunday,and I'm going home..
  15. Mongo used to look after me at the DZ when I was 12 yrs old and on from there. Don't think I have my "Mongo's Marauders" T-shirt anymore. Wore it proudly to school as a teenager.. He was and always will be one of a kind!