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  1. dacota46

    Vectran 1000


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    590 yards of Vectran 1000 lbs for sale. I also have 50 yards of Vectran 1500 for an additional $40


    - IL

  2. dacota46

    Full System Stollen

    My car got broken into and my rig and full rigging kit were stolen. Wings W5 SN 3255 Gold and Navy Blue Birdman and PD logos Main was a Stiletto 135 from 1994 Reserve Speed 2000 from 1998 AAD Cypres change
  3. Thanks for the reply. I just got through to Kelly on her private email and she sent me the following measurements: The finished length of the safety stow should be 5.5”. We cut the bungee at 12.5” long, and overlap the ends 1.5 Thanks for the lengths of the other manufacturers.
  4. I am outraged. You are a very cocky lady!!! Too bad you have not read the whole post. I can't call them because I can't reach them. The dirty method belongs to dirty riggers not to me. If there are posts on the forum which you do not like please feel free NOT to reply.
  5. Hello I am looking for the size of the safety stow of an Infinity I-11SN. After viewing some of the posts and replies: I have emailed the manufacturer with the serial number of the rig and there is no response. I tried calling and the number on their web site can not be reached from my calling area. I am a Master Rigger I'd appreciate any help.
  6. I just found an Icarus 365 line trim chart. It says: On the B line 1 cm. On the C line 2.5 cm. On the D line 3.5 cm.
  7. Sigma Tandem is 1 inch on the B and 1.5 inches on the C. The Icarus is a bit bulkier.
  8. Thanks for the answer. Just wanted to make sure. Now that you brought that up isn't the trim on the Icarus a bit different then on the Precision? You mentioned you used Icarus lines on a Precision canopy.
  9. Hello Can anyone help me with the Precision 365 Tandem line trim chart? Their web site is down. I need to know the slack measurement on the stabilizers when relining the canopy. Thanks