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  1. Thanks Pete, I appreciate the info. Just a couple more questions if you don't mind. Firstly do you know what sort of jump numbers the containers usually have on them when he starts to sell them off? Also do they tend to have precision reserves in them or Sigma reserves? I have to stick 100% to the rules in my country so putting precision reserves in sigma containers is not an option. Thankyou
  2. Lodi usually has used complete tandem systems available. Has anyone bought or know someone who has bought used tandem gear from bill and if so did you get a good deal? I am going to perhaps naively request that this thread doesn't turn into a high school bitch fest and ask that only people with relevant info to the question respond. From what I have seen most of his gear is in great shape. Thanks :-)
  3. i wish i could answer "no" to your question, but unfortunately we live in a world where a large percentage of the population are willing to believe a bunch of far fetched crap with no evidence or logic. So yes, many people care what the pope says, therefore many people are dying of aids and many unwanted children have been born into catholic families. The last president of the u.s gave a shit what the pope had to say. The old fucker was even granted immunity to arrest in the U.S because apparently its acceptable to cover up countless cases of child abuse as he is god's homeboy.
  4. damn you reply to fast to other people, now i just look silly
  5. does that mean to say you would send him the suit provided he will accept it without the fraudulent invoice? just keeping track of which dealers are worth trading with
  6. +1, but i guess they need their own money for funding the luxurious lifestyles of the vatican priests. I wonder if Jesus would have approved of their rich (material) way of living.
  7. So we as taxpayers are paying a ridiculous fund for this old homophobic twat to come and preach his idiotic beliefs, meanwhile the national health system is drastically in need of funds, and our troops are fighting in the highly counter productive war on terror with inadequate body armor (no taking thousands of innocent muslim lives does not decrease the threat of islamic terrorism).
  8. can u expand on y u came to this conclusion please "Our part in His plan obviously eludes you, since by your own admission, you don't have a clue" why? what admission? p.s some people enjoy being nice and caring, they don't just do it so god is happy with them after death.
  9. Because our God created the heavens and the earth...the other "gods" are probably real, but He created them as well. are you being sarcastic when you say this? its difficult to tell over the internet. going back to the suggestion that jclalor should be thankful to god for making him a caring person, I think if i was in his position, and actually could communicate with god (if he did actually exist) thanking him would not be my intention as god is the one letting these kids suffer in the first place.
  10. Do you have pier reviewed documented proof for that statements. Or did you just pull it out of some dark forbidding orifice that happened to be handy, albeit a little odoriferous? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Yea Kallend thats an outrageous thing to do! are you mental? why can't you make statements that have documented proof?! the folks supporting the christian side of this debate haven't made any such claims without backing them up! (apparently the bible is sufficient documented proof)
  11. if these contradictions you speak of were mentioned in this thread, just to save me the hassle of going back through the 23 pages (BTW i have read everyone of them), Would you be kind enough to point them out to me? P.S it cracks me up that somebody who believes in the talking snake and a guy that lived inside a living whale has the nerve to accuse us of being ignorant.
  12. so just because he doesn't have the same faith as you, he is not dealing with himself properly? and because looking after kids in need hasn't led him to "god" his profession is not working for him? Yea he should quit spending time helping those in need because if it hasn't made him a christian its not worth it. Its people with self righteous opinions such as yours that give christianity such a bad name. ......... well that and plenty of other things
  13. SkydiverKeith, are you going to answer my question?
  14. maybe so, but do you honestly believe that the positive religion brings to this world makes up for the negative it causes?
  15. in that case, would you be able to go into more details about why you do your turn the way you do? e.g why do you stay on double fronts for this long? thankyou