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  1. Thanks Pete, I appreciate the info. Just a couple more questions if you don't mind. Firstly do you know what sort of jump numbers the containers usually have on them when he starts to sell them off? Also do they tend to have precision reserves in them or Sigma reserves? I have to stick 100% to the rules in my country so putting precision reserves in sigma containers is not an option. Thankyou
  2. Lodi usually has used complete tandem systems available. Has anyone bought or know someone who has bought used tandem gear from bill and if so did you get a good deal? I am going to perhaps naively request that this thread doesn't turn into a high school bitch fest and ask that only people with relevant info to the question respond. From what I have seen most of his gear is in great shape. Thanks :-)
  3. damn you reply to fast to other people, now i just look silly
  4. does that mean to say you would send him the suit provided he will accept it without the fraudulent invoice? just keeping track of which dealers are worth trading with
  5. in that case, would you be able to go into more details about why you do your turn the way you do? e.g why do you stay on double fronts for this long? thankyou
  6. So both front risers are even while you are turning 180 degrees?
  7. When you "Slowly turn the canopy on bodyweight (harness) for the first 180°." have you already raised the front risers back up completely?
  8. Hey folks, I have been doing 270 degree turns for my landings and I have been learning from various people. Everyone I speak to seems to have a different way of doing their final turn. I am interested to hear more techniques used by more people, and any feedback about how my method can be improved upon (for speed or distance). If you can, please also post your wingloading, canopy, initiation height for your final turn, Degrees in turn (e.g 270), Location from the entry gate you perform your turn at (e.g 40 feet behind, 30 feet to the right of the gate when facing the gate) ATTENTION FOR PEOPLE LEARNING TO SWOOP: I AM IN NO WAY A TALENTED SWOOPER OR CANOPY PILOTING COACH SO MY METHOD BELOW COULD BE COMPLETELY WRONG, THERE MIGHT ALSO BE THOSE WHO POST REPLIES WHO USE INCORRECT METHODS SO PLEASE BEAR THIS IN MIND WHEN READING MY METHOD AND ALL REPLIES GIVEN IN THIS THREAD Here is what i do for a left hand landing pattern with a right hand 270. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -Start in deep brakes -Slowly lift the brakes and grab both front risers by the loops -Pull both front risers down evenly to begin with to get the canopy in a good dive -Slowly lift the left front riser, keeping the right front riser down so the canopy begins to turn right. -When I have turned about 180 degrees I completely lift both risers and finish in a harness turn -If i realize i am too high after start of the turn, i slow the rate of turn down by only using a light harness turn and no risers (this is after the canopy is already in a dive) -I plane out using a small bit or rear riser input (Pulling them out to the side to increase the wing span) My wingloading: 1.9, Canopy: Icarus VX 94, Initiation height for final turn: 580 feet, Degrees in turn: 270, Location from the entry gate I perform my turn at: roughly 30 feet behind, 30 feet to the right of the gate when facing the gate (rough guess, i have never measured it). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I am by no means a good swooper, I have posted the above method (a) for feedback on what to change for improvement (b) to demonstrate how i would like others to explain their methods. All feedback is welcome but I particularly am looking for advice from those who have competed in swoop competitions.
  9. my apologies, reading my post again i see what your saying and i didn't intend for it to come across like that! Thanks for the feedback so far people, if anybody knows where i can find more info please let me know
  10. hello all, i was wondering if anybody would be kind enough to help me out. i currently have 2300 skydives, I will be getting my tandem rating in about a month or so. When i got my AFF rating i read through a lot of the course material a couple of months before i went to do the course. This worked out well for me because by the time i did the actual course i already knew the majority of what i had to know and it made the course a lot easier than it would have been otherwise. I would like to do the same for my tandem rating so if anybody could point me in the direction of tandem rating course material e.g malfunction procedures, i would be grateful. I plan on getting a strong rating.
  11. Thanks guys, i appreciate the advice, I'm still kind of curious as to how much difference DZ elevation should make to the initiation altitude. Again I know a specific answer isn't possible, but out of curiosity JSE what turn do you do when you land (degrees)?, what altitude at your home DZ and how do you estimate the height to turn at a different DZ apart from doing the turn up high first? Is the difference usually a matter of 10 feet+ or is it more like 100feet+. I'm just confused cos if guys like jay moldeski turn up to a competition at a DZ they have never jumped at before, would he really start with 90s (before the competition of course) or smaller turns than the 450 and work his way up? Thankyou
  12. Okay these maybe some dumb questions but hopefully someone can help me understand. I have been doing 270 landings for a short while. What confuses me is this: How do good swoopers find a good final turn altitude when they go to a different dropzone at a different elevation on their first jump? I have only ever worked out my turn altitude by starting off turning high and then i knock off 10 feet for each jump until i find a good altitude. However I have seen people turn up to a dropzone they have never jumped at before, that is at a completely different elevation to what they are used to and they can pull off a perfect 270 swoop on their first jump. I have also seen a friend jump a canopy he has never jumped before and land a perfect 270 on the first jump. If I was to turn 660 feet for my final 270 turn at a 0 elevation dropzone, what sort of height do you think i'd need to turn at if i went to a 3000 foot elevation DZ? I know this last questions a long shot and it would be impossible to be specific, i'm just looking for a rough idea. Thanks