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  1. I paid a visit to the dz in late June. It's a small but we'll run operation. They only operate on weekends FYI but they are there and available. Beautiful views and a nice plane with nice people. Overall good times ! Very accessible by highway near Athens.
  2. Is no one skydiving the Great Blue Hole anymore? Been trying to find an outfit for a possible trip out there. I saw the Belezian gov't is giving the boogie people a hard time?
  3. I bought the Bonehead Rev2 Helmet as well and I am in love, if someone could actually express love for a helmet in a way, this would be it. Hands down the best helmet I've ever owned Bonehead or not. I also got the audible window cut into it later. I personally use L&B altimeters and I'm very happy with them, I know the SOLO 2 costs around $180 but the pro-track is the top of the line. I happened to get one newish/used in box on eBay for the same price as a Solo2. You guys with the audio window know how it's supposed to mount inside? I'll email Bonehead but just wondering how you guys do it. I also was expecting an actual window not a hole but I guess it needs it for the pressure. The design in my opinion is so much better than the Cookie. I love that it can be worn as an open face helmet because of the frame removal. What do you guys think about your Rev2?
  4. That sounds like a really cool suggestion, yeah based on my phone call, they sound small. I have to ask my friends, maybe we can stay overnight there. I've always wanted to see Sedona, etc. I've heard great things about it
  5. Hey, I'm going that same weekend! I'm debating on bringing my gear. Would you consider the closer LV DZ? I'm going with friends and its a warm climate. I wouldn't resist the urge to get a few jumps in but at same time don't want to spend all day at the DZ at the risk of being annoying to my friends I'm going with. Let me know what's good. Thanks! Stephen
  6. So I've been looking into the reviews here of DropZones. I think its worth noting that the one I was planning on going to: Sin City Skydiving is CLOSED So I started reading into: Vegas Extreme Skydiving and I called them, they seem nice enough but it DOES seem very limited of a dropzone. I'm also going to be taking a drive out to the Grand Canyon and I found another dropzone just outside of Flagstaff: Red Rock Skydiving, LLC Who's been to Vegas, and/Or Arizona. Which would you recommend? I don't care if there are no other fun jumpers, I just want to build some skills and jump and don't want to wait all day to sneak on a load. Your advice is valued. Thanks!
  7. I know this really doesn't help but just leave your rig at home, we're all fleeing the north for more favorable climates LOL
  8. Cool, good to know as well as I'm in Pompano all the time. Out of curiosity, which route did you prefer more? The West then north or the North then west? Thanks! Stephen
  9. Good stuff, I will likely be down there that weekend!
  10. I think I'm leaning of just doing Sebastian. What's the deal with the Skydive Miami place in Homestead? Is it a tiny operation? I saw the Clewistown one. Its almost the same mileage as Sebastian from FLL. What's your take on that operation? Thanks for the input!
  11. Trying to get over the winter blues. My parents have a place in Fort Lauderdale. I'm trying to find a place to funjump near there. Sebastian and Z-Hills are each 100+ miles away. I've seen Skydive Miami mixed reviews about them being tandem-dependent and limited facilities. What are your thoughts on the above or anything else?
  12. WOWIE, The non-conformist and claustraphobic in me are REALLY pushing me towards that Rev2. Looks so much nicer than the Rev1!!!