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  1. tetra316

    Neptune 2 blinking after battery replacement

    Make sure you wait several minutes after taking out a battery before putting in the new one. If you don't it make not register the new battery and think it's the same old one - hence the blinking when the battery is low.
  2. tetra316

    Service Bulletins and Equipment Bannings

    As to repacking a rig with a manufacturer banned piece of equipment, the argument was that is legal. The FAA approved each piece of equipment at that date of approval for it's intended use. That approval is valid no matter what the manufacturer decides after that date. If the manufacturer wishes to ban anything or modify anything then they need to submit such to the FAA and it needs to be approved by the FAA in order to be legally enforceable. After all, the riggers ticket is issued by the FAA, not the manufacturer. Again not sure I buy into this but I do see the train of thought.
  3. tetra316

    3:10 to Eloy - Is my math off?

    Tunnel time is cheaper per minute the more time you buy, as with most things. So if the normal rate is $240 for 15 min then it most definitely will be more than $160 for 10 minutes.
  4. tetra316

    Your Reserve WL

    I have a pd143 loaded at 1.15. My mains have been anywhere from a 175 to 107 with the same reserve. I don't ever see downsizing my reserve no matter how small a main I may jump.
  5. tetra316

    Need a ride!! LAX/Perris Jan14&17

    If you can't find a ride, check again or try some other rental companies. Most will take a debit card if you leave a deposit of a couple hundred dollars.
  6. tetra316

    San Francisco Wingsuit DZ?

    Definitely Lodi.
  7. Half of the price to participate in the jumps went to the museum to buy a (brick, plaque?) with a name on it. So I suppose this would qualify as a fundrasing event.
  8. tetra316

    Skydive City AFF

    Contact the dz, they will tell you everything you need to know Keep in mind this is a weather dependent sport and therefore you might not be able to complete your jumps in the time allowed. Good luck!
  9. I use a low profile D ring. Half the size of an original D ring and not much bigger than a pillow handle. Havn't used it yet (knock on wood) but it appears much easier to be able to grab a hold of in a violent mal. Or rather stick a thumb through as you wouldn't necessarily need to 'grab' as you would a pillow handle.
  10. tetra316

    Good deal of freefly pants order of 5-10.

    How about camo pants at your local surplus store? Comes in a variety of colors as well and very durable. You can get the light weight or heavy weight version. Plus much cheaper then $200 plus for "real" skydiving pants.
  11. There is a two page version and a four page version. It is up to the dz which version they use. Check your SIM, it has both versions.
  12. tetra316

    Take away item(s) for tandem student

    One dz used to give everyone a certificate and a bumper sticker. Another one does a certificate, bumper sticker, and handout detailing the AFF program and costs. Both will give a student log book both only if they ask for it or if the tandem is in prep for the AFF course.
  13. tetra316

    Line stows...

    It's not about single or double wrapping, it's about tension. It needs to be appropriate and even.
  14. tetra316

    Small, but good drill jumps for bigways?

    Do some tracking dives, they are lots of fun anyways! Also do some regular formation dives but try no contact/ specific slot flying for each point. That has helped me more than I can say.
  15. tetra316

    Infinity or Javelin or Mirage

    Infinity!!! Yes the Infinity is slightly cheaper, very secure main and reseve flaps, double riser tuck covers, NO pop top, and I love it. Seriously, all three are very good containers. It comes down to personal perference. I would suggest trying to find those that jump the three and inspect and try them on for comfort and fit. Go with what you like. Also location could play a part. Example since Infinity is manufactured in Oregon I would recommend one if in the area simply because you could get measured directly by them and repairs/modifications would be easy.