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  1. Good to know. Thanks for the input. It is odd that the pilot is one of the only canopies that hasn't been updated in a long time...
  2. That is worth some to me, especially the fact that I am trading for a smaller canopy. I don't mind losing a couple hundred bucks. I'm really just trying to find the value of the 140. I am valuing mine at about 1750. I'm guessing 1500 for the 140?
  3. I am trading a 2013 pilot168 zp with 250 jumps for a 2005 pilot 140zp with 90 jumps. Am I losing money trading for a 10 year old canopy? How much does age affect price? Any input would be great, thanks!
  4. Well I scrapped the idea. I never set it up because it would require epoxying a cable housing and a mount to my helmet which would not allow me to resell it. I am going to sell both my helmets and get the bonehead aero with a built in cutaway. That is really the best option if you want to safely fly a gorpo on a full face. This would have worked but looked like shit and it's just too over complicated.
  5. I'm an A&P mechanic so I know a little engineering, not much! I'll send it over when I'm done. There are already a few problems I know of but I want to put everything together and check it out
  6. Completely forgot about this thread. I finally came up with a design I like on paper and I am going to rig everything up to my helmet when it's done and test the hell out of it. I am having it 3d printed and it should be done by the end of next week. Then I have to rig my own cable system up. If anyone is still interested in this I will be posting pictures of the system on my helmet when it is done. Should be no longer than 2 weeks from now.
  7. Wow that sounds incredible....exactly what I need right now in CT. There's no local airports so it would be a one time thing but that sure sounds like it was a lot of fun
  8. Is it possible to safely exit a low wing airplane like a piper?
  9. Thanks for the info everybody! All good to hear
  10. Hopefully there are people out there with more knowledge than me that can help. It is possible that I just passed by regulations on this in the SIM, but I can't find anything on it. What are the regulations on jumping and landing at a place other than a dropzone, but not a public event? In the sim it says the need a d (sometimes c) to do demos, and they mention the fact that the regulations are there because it is a public event and there are people standing around the landing area. Not just because it is off the dz.For example, I live in a rural area and have a large field behind my house that I always wanted to land in. Hypothetically, if had a pilot drop me off overhead would that be illegal? Would it be illegal per FAA or USPA or both? Any input would be great. I'm not saying I'm going to do it or I even have the means to do it, but if it is legal I would like to find a way. Some may call me stupid but after landing off plenty of times in much worse places I would feel comfortable with it if I actually went through with it. I know people have done this, but I don't know what the laws/regs are. Thanks!
  11. It's my first time "flying" with my rig tomorrow (ct to deland) and I am trying to figure out if I can bring my rig as a "tote, handbag or briefcase" and a carry on a gear bag with my wingsuit and alti's etc. has anyone had experience with this? It seems small enough to fit under the seat, I guess that's the cut off. It's a 170 main 160 reserve. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I read through the travel threads and didn't see anything about this
  12. Didn't know there was a wingsuit forum, thanks
  13. Hey, so I am trying to find/buy a used phantom 2 or 3 wingsuit, and I am wondering how much I should be willing to pay for either, and how much better the 3 really is than the 2. My buddy just got a phantom 2 for 350 and it seemed like a great deal. I'm wondering how much more than that it is worth to pay for one. Is the difference and price drop as drastic as a sabre1 vs a sabre2? Thank you
  14. Give me a few days, maybe more and I'll try to post a picture!
  15. With the mount I am making, if it doesn't fit completely flush to my helmet I will expoxy the gaps. But thanks for the advice, the design is still in progress. I will try to post a 3d image when I finalize one of the designs so everyone can tear it apart. But the number one reason is simply this: there is no fool proof cutaway system for my helmet. Even if there was, it's too tight of a fit to simply slip off my head. This goes for g3's as well. Brian germins "cutaway" system is far from a cutaway system and far from fool proof, that is the only thing I know of for a g3 and see many people trusting it. So wouldn't it be easier to cutaway the camera? I'm not talking about making the camera snag-less, just everything that is permanently attached to the helmet, which will just be the mount. I'm planning on routing a cable in a housing on the outside of the helmet. I don't care if it looks good for now, I'm just worried about it doing what I need it to do 100% of the time.