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  1. Does anyone know why my neptune 2 would be blinking after the battery has been replaced?
  2. I held brakes up high to watch my canopy for as long as I could. There's a ton of corn around my DZ and I didn't particularily want to to land in the corn, so I watched it for as long as I could and then landed at the DZ. I got SO lucky that my canopy ended up landing basically across the street in a tree. I've searched for a few other people's canopies in the corn and let me tell you it sucks. And yes-green in the worst color ever!
  3. I have renters insurance with state farm and as far as I know, my rig is covered. It was one of the questions I asked when I bought the policy and they didn't seem to bat an eye at it. As long as you pay whatever deductible there is on your policy, I don't know why it wouldn't be covered.
  4. There's a Eloy regular who has a username of chiquita here too! *** Well I hope I meet her too!
  5. Awesome! I look forward to meeting both of you!! I arrive on Xmas day at 10:30 am, so I will be at the DZ sometime around noon. Is there an easy place for me to find you? Or should I PM you when I get there? I have a B license with 182 jumps.
  6. Not sure what the best forum to post this is, so if it's not in the right place hopefully a mod can move. I'm looking for a SIS to jump with when I'm in Eloy for 5 days over Xmas. Anyone on here willing to jump belly with someone who's been out of the sport for a year?
  7. I've been wearing the damn thing around my house trying to get it open. Yes it's quite ridiculous
  8. Does anyone have any tips on opening this damn thing! I was so excited to get it, but I can't even get the lens open!!
  9. If you are right on the edge between sizes, do you think it's best to order the larger size?
  10. Just in case someone is still following this thread, I was able to get a new d-bag made through Full Flight Sports. It exactly what I wanted, and personally I think it looks and feels better in my mirage!
  11. I bought a brand new stock mirage M2-fits a 143R and a 150 main, which is exactly what I have. I haven't even jumped it yet, but I HATE the d-bag. I feel like the "mouth" of it is so small and I am struggling to pack my rig now. I've never had a issue packing. Is it possible to buy a different d-bag.
  12. chiquita24

    Cypress II

    My ex stole my Cypress II from my gear bag as it needed to sent in for it's 4 yr. I will get the serial number soon
  13. Yes it is an ugly domestic situation. All I want is what is rightfully mine. You don't give someone a gift and then steal it back. If the AAD was still in my rig, it would still be MINE. I think it's horrible that the DZ (SDM) is blocking me from getting the serial #. I have talked to a lawyer-who sadly lives out of state and not in MN, so he's not much help. He has told me that the DZ is technically aiding and abetting a legal situation. I REALLY wanted to take it to court, but it's been such an emotional horrible battle this far, that I don't know if I have the energy left to do it. And so far, all of the lawyers that I've contacted, said that it would cost about $7500 for my whole case....that's money that I don't have.
  14. It wouldn't matter if they did check. I know who took it. It was given to me as a gift and then stolen. My rigger is his rigger. The only reason it was out of my rig is because I bought a new one and it needed to be sent in for it's 4yr. My old rig would have the serial # on it, but the dropzone won't give me that information.