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  1. I need for Malaysia, I leave in 18 days. Looks like I will be getting a HD GoPro after I get back. I guess I'll have to just get multiple shots of every jump.
  2. please disregard my above post. it was made by my fun drunken in a hurry self. i think.
  3. So um, I have been absent lately, and will again this weekend from lodi. how many weekends is this guy going to fly. 1 more, 2, maybe one a month, maybe just "on call" ? -n
  4. i am in for sure. count zack in too. 3 jumpers per load yes?
  5. as a working bartender I have seen this work in real life with patrons. and who am i kidding, myself to a certain point.
  6. I have a friend who regularly jumps a nitron with no problems so far in his phantom, v2, or acro.
  7. Have you sat next to an obese person on a long haul flight? I felt a little sorrow for her, but after 12 hours...
  8. lodi! you can't beat $13 jumps* to full altitude with 2 twin otters running all weekend. (*after training, and when you buy jumps in 50 tickets blocks)
  9. I think he meant the first suit you jumped. In your case it was a Classic 2. HaHa! Ed called you out charlie!! how does that make you feel. Classic 2, Vampire, and now Phantom
  10. Most of the hesitation issues can be attributed to a rigging error. Some jumpers feel better when packing their pilot chutes by using a tool to restrain the packed pc as they place it in the boc. tolls include, but not limited to pull up cords, rubber bands, packing clamps. you leave on a tool, its a rigging error with grave circumstance as sadly proven. NEVER USE A RESTRAINT ON YOUR PC's!! -n
  11. You asked for it, so I REFUSE to call you a dipshit. I also WILL NOT call you an annoying ass who has nothing to contribute to a somewhat thought provoking subject. And to call you an ASSinine cock sucker would serve no purpose but to please your own diluted sense of self numbering, SO I WONT. =nic (cya in 2 weeks)
  12. how far can you travel?
  13. nicrussell


    I dont think the nation of India or its people have anything to do with the skywalk above the 'grand canyon'. maybe the eskimos could help. This shit irritates the hell out of me. there are a lot of cultures native to the americas, Indians are NOT one of them. India is not near geographically to the US (or inside the boundries of the US). Please DO NOT continue to disrespect the cultures of the various native nations of north america by calling them "indians". Indians are a proud and good culture too. But they are a totally different culture. This is 5th grade material kids.
  14. I hope to make it next year. And I would have totally forgotten my speedos. Now I know.
  15. fixed C for you. solos are a lot of fun. go for it.
  16. took am angry pill with sarcastic chaser before that post? whats with all the antimosity? are you really telling me that you wouldnt have jumped (pun intended) at this event, or any like it 20 years ago, 15, 10, yesterday? I doubt that you would have turned this down in the past at some point. maybe not now, but i would bet you would have at some point. and i dont think "energy drinks" are completely aimed at kids. they are about the same level as alcohol (IMO as an imdustry insider) -nic
  17. isnt this the BASE zone? what does it matter to have smaller rings on your 3 ring system. i never plan on cutting away my canopy while i am flying it. much more dangerous than a spinning mal. I wear a lot of body armor on some jumps, i wear almost none (helmet only) on some. each jump is different. but then again you dont know that felling yet do you? not to harsh on you but go back up to the skydiving related threads. but dont call things stupid when YOU HAVE NO IDEA what people are thinking while looking at pictures and videos of THEIR BASE jumps. and if you choose to wear full body armor for your SKYDIVES, awesome, good for you, hope you'll never need it. just dont judge others of which you know little or nothing about. -nic
  18. there is a campground with showers i stayed at about 4 miles from the bridge. its on the eastern side of the city. 10 bucks a night, soft grass. that was over 2 years ago tho. nic its still there on google earth. it on kimberly rd. just north of the Deere st. intersection. it has the race track just to the east. thats all i got.,+idaho&ie=UTF8&ll=42.549524,-114.426234&spn=0.006339,0.014248&t=h&z=16&om=1
  19. I kinda like looking like i just got out of a TRON convention.
  20. this footage was from a Warren Miller film a couple years, back. there is some more there than made the WM cut, but some missing too.