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  1. I swear I've seen this subject posted on a forum here somewhere before, but after a lengthy search nothing specific came up. If it has and someone can post the link it would be most appreciated. Currently at a cessna dz with a growing (slowly, but surely) number of wingsuit jumpers. While we have the luxury of having wide-bodied 182's, that doesn't change the size of the door or step :) Bottom line is...anyone have experience with 4-way WS exits from a 182? I've used a standard 3-person out, 1 in the door exit, but would like to read some opinions on what has (and hasn't) worked for y'all. No one is jumping any massive suits, making a 4-way exit a little easier, but safety in a tight spot is very important and should be thought about first and foremost. We've all seen a 182, but I uploaded a picture of our jump plane anyways... Thanks for your input!
  2. Jeb you mentioned that next generation will have sound feet back. Will it be software update or we will have to buy second one? Can this please be answered? By anyone?
  3. wow is right...couldn't even make it past the "oh my god's" The discipline is always grateful for publicity but I really hope she's not on the payroll. Gotta wonder, though, if it was conducted by anyone else would you just walk away or still play along?
  4. Stopped here on my way back to NY and found the nicest DZ around. It may seem small, but the people there clearly love life and treated me like I had been jumping there since day one. Thanks for the good time and I will definitely be back.
  5. Stopped by on my way to Florida and met a lot of friendly and experienced jumpers. My rig didn't have the required AAD, but JR was very understanding to the point where he gave me a rig to use free of charge. They even let me camp there even though the DZ wasn't open the next day. Make the stop here...its more than worth it.
  6. [url] the video is amazing
  7. Sure there are times when I felt someone could have been nicer giving advice, but after a few minutes I realize that I am always grateful for advice. It also depends on the situation, like if the "dick" calls you out in front of a lot of people. In the end, I have always benefited from advice in whatever form it is given to me.
  8. Yeah I'll most likely answer any of the questions if they ask, but that doesn't necessarily mean I like to. As long as they don't get started asking about BASE and getting all into the conversation I can deal with it. However, if I hear "Did you see that Nitro Circus where Travis Pastrana chugs a red bull and jumps out without a parachute?" again I may snap.
  9. awesome reaction comments on that story...does anyone know if the author has even been on a jump before? That'd probably change his "survival" story...there's always "that guy" that likes to talk (or in this case write) about things they know little or nothing about
  10. I dunno...never been out west but Puerto Rico is pretty amazing
  11. awesome pic...what's the name for those circular rainbows though?
  12. practice on the ground is definitely a good idea...just stay tight keeping your legs and arms together climbing out (poised exit) and then just step of the may be easier than you might think
  13. count me in as #29...does anyone know if the Hotel Rosa del Mar is walking distance to the DZ?
  14. [url]