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  1. Can anyone tell me what happens if you hold a full stall on a 7 cell canopy? 9 cell canopy? Both canopies would be non-elliptical and lightly loaded. Someone told me years ago what happens when you do this, and I remember each canopy having a very different response. Of course the best way to find out is to go out and do it, just figured I'd find out what I'm getting myself into
  2. The new HD GoPRo can shoot directly into the sun with no black dot! I was very imprssed with the light metering on the new camera. SD Gopro struggled with low light, the HD does not have this issue. Biggest improvements are HD image, light metering, and upgraded sound performance.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpGLuzB-UP4 Ok, so it's not skydiving... But you'll still like it I promise
  4. This question is regarding wearing weights with a wingsuit. Figured I would talk to the swoopers since you guys seem to have a good understanding of how weight effects canopy performance. I competed in the World Base Race this summer and this has got me thinking how to get the most speed from your suit. Given the same height/weight person, same style wingsuit, and exact same body position (just in theory), would the jumper wearing a 15lb weight vest be have a higher forward speed? Same question would apply to jumper using same canopy w/ and w/ out weight vest. It would fly faster with the weights I think? So considering the technique used at the cliff form the last race was almost a complete dive from exit to deployment, that would mean wearing some weights would be an advantage? Now distance is another story, lighter might be better there. Any of you that have a good understanding of wingloading a canopy, plane, or whatever please chime in as I'm interested in your response.
  5. dhracer33

    Gath Hat

    I purchased my first Gath two years ago and am very pleased with its performance. If you are looking for a helmet that is not over-built, is lightweight and comfortable, go with a Gath. I wear a helmet to avoid bumps from the plane, air to air contact during wingsuit flocking, and falling while landing and my Gedi and RV do a great job. I use my Gath not only for skydiving, but for BASE jumping and speedflying as well. Not to mention GoPro cameras strap onto the top perfectly.
  6. glad you enjoyed Anyone interested in contributing?
  7. I wanted to let you guys know about a new, free on-line magazine that was released today. The first issue already has two "air" related articles in it. The first article is about base jumping and wingsuits that I wrote, and the other an interview with Roberta Mancino. I have been named the divisional editor in charge of air sports (includes swooping, RW, base jumping, wingsuits, paragliding, ext., you get the picture) Any of you who want some self promotion, have a passion for writing, or just want to share a fun experience you have had recently in the skydiving world, let me know. We are looking for contributors who are passionate and reliable. The article I wrote for issue 1 is the first time I have ever written anything not for school and it was actually kind of fun. Anyhow, just check out the mag and let me know if you want to contribute. Enjoy http://www.xsport-magazine.com/index.html My e-mail: [email protected] *if someone could hook up the links with a "clicky" that would be great, thanks....
  8. Anyone planning on being at the ITW between may 15 and june 4th? If there are enough people to split a cab ride with (4 or 5?) I will head straight there from Geneva instead of heading to the swiss valley. I'll be travleing with 2 rigs, a wingsuit and a tracksuit. The current plan is to head to the swiss valley duing the week and ITW for the weekends. However, I wouldn't mind spending more time at ITW due to longer freefalls. PM me.... thanks
  9. that close call is fucked and extreamly distrubing to those of us who do not use AAD's...... no excuse for that sort of thing.
  10. No, he didn't die. But he still hasn't quite recovered from the hard blow to his head and spends most of his days eating glue sticks and questioning his sexuality. You can find him in downtown SLC trying to hustle elementary school kids into buying M&M's and telling them they will get high. Quite a sad story...
  11. dhracer33

    Seattle crew

    Please PM me as I have a few questions for some of the local wingsuit/base jumpers. thanks
  12. would a blackjack 310 w/ CUS fit into the same container a Flik 293 fits snugly in? IF they don't have similiar pack volume I may not have a choice between the 310 and 280.....
  13. dhracer33


    screw skiing, sled base is the future....
  14. forgot to add, I weigh around 195 lbs.....
  15. I am in a similiar position... Just sold my flik 293 and am in the market for a new canopy. My other rig has an ace 280 that I am very happy with but usually use for slider up jumps. I'm looking at either a BJ 280 or 310, both with the zp option. The pro's of the 280 are having two same sized canpies and having more confidence is how fast it will deploy on ultra low free falls, the cons are that I am at the high range of wing loading. The pro's for the 310 are that I can fly it super slow and land in tight landing areas with less forward penetration, the cons are that is it a bulkier, heavier canopy that will take a few extra feet to deploy, also I would feel silly jumping a 310 w/ a wingsuit. I hav't even checked to see what the pack volume compares between the two of them and a flik 293. That will help make up my mind since it will have to fit in my old container. I am interested in peoples opinoins also.....